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21st April 2009, 07:27 PM
I was at the vet and they had the Lucky Pet ones and they are cute...and cheap...I really like the jewelry tags w/the bone or paw print they dont seem heavy but wonder if they could be and how loud they are...what do you think??? what do you like???


21st April 2009, 08:39 PM
we've got the K9 pink daisy one. i like it cos its a double tag the other one says ive been microchipped on it. its heavy enough not to be flimsy like the 1st one i got her just from a key shop/engravers that didnt last 5mins! this one she's been wearing since about september & it still looks new-well almost:smile:

21st April 2009, 09:43 PM
Did you get it from there? if not where?


21st April 2009, 10:21 PM
Those engraving vending type machines in the front of Walmart! They are cheap ($4 to 6.00 depending on the design) and instant (about 1 or 2 minutes to engrave) You can choose from several sizes and designs. I have used them for years. They never break and the wording lasts for years before it begins to get smoothed down to the point where you need to make a new one. I got the little heart shaped ones for the cavs but have also used the bone shaped:

Here is the one Pixie had. I also have it for Bandit and Lizzie.

Also, I put minimal info on the tag. According to experts, the best way of improving your odds of getting your dog back is to follow this advice:

The single biggest way to get someone to call if they view your dog's tag is if the dog tag reads this and only this:

Phone number
2nd Phone number

Think about it. If a dog wandered up in your yard looking happy and well-fed and it had a tag that showed it lived just around the corner, you might be inclined to think it's owner just let it out and it is roaming a bit, and you might just be inclined to let it continue on its way (at least here in the U.S, tons of idiots let their dogs do this). It isn't unusual for dogs to be out and about. BUT, if that tag reads I'M LOST! and you can't even see where it lives, you are more likely to hold onto the dog long enough to call because you are going to think...hmmm, I bet the owner doesn't know they are missing, I'd better call. Put as many phone contacts as you can on there. (I list both my numbers and when it fits, I put my parents number as well. )

Also, you are supposed to put nothing else. No address, no name of dog (easy for someone to feel connected to a dog if they know the name...they might decide to keep them), no owner name. If you have a seperate tag from the microchip company that says they are chipped with the brand, you won't need that on the ID tag, anyway.

21st April 2009, 10:25 PM
I have plastic ones that I like and ordered in the UK.

You might also check out www.petexpectations.com -- only $3 per tag and the woman who runs the company is so nice and offers excellent personal service. I just bought three Lupine collars and they were here within the week! For Lupine fans, she carries discontinued patterns and two of my three were the discontinued designs that I really liked. I also really like the Yellow Dog collars -- maybe will get those next!

Daisy's Mom
22nd April 2009, 04:05 AM
I like the collartags from www.boomerangtags.com (http://www.boomerangtags.com) because they don't dangle and hit against the side of the water bowl when Daisy drinks. She doesn't like that at all and usually startles. I suppose she would get used to it eventually, but the collar tags eliminate the problem and seem like they might even be a little bit safer in that they couldn't get caught in anything. They hook directly on the collar and lay flat. I've bought them in 3 different widths so far to fit different collars I've tried. They never fall off and are actually kind of a challenge to get on the collar for most of the collars I put them on. Once they are on, though, they will never fall off, but can be removed fairly easily if desired.

I put Daisy's name, our last name, and 2 phone numbers. If I order any more, I probably would not put her name, and maybe not ours. I'm going to have to think about it. I might put "Microchipped" and "I'm lost" as recommended above instead of any names.

22nd April 2009, 10:01 AM
I got mine from www.pet-bliss.ie (http://www.pet-bliss.ie)
Prince got a heavy(ish) metal disc that says 'I'm not fat I'm just fluffy' one one side and is engraved on the other. He was quite fat and fluffy when I bought it but he has since lost a good bit of weight and had a haircut!
Belle got a red metal bone shaped tag. I like her tag but I wouldnt recommend the colour, it is hard to read the engraving off the red.

I think they cost 10 or 12 including engraving but were special offer 25% off so I was happy enough with that.

Both are engraved with
Nxxxx/Sxxxxxx Family Pet
I'M LOST & On medication
Phone No 1 / Phone No 2

22nd April 2009, 11:09 AM
To be honest I have always found the recommendation by some places that you not include the dog's name utterly ridiculous. :lol: Why not? Having had dozens of cavaliers through rescue, most of them strays with no known name, I have yet to meet a single one who wouldn't come when called just about anything in a cheerful voice (take your pick of endearing term or just use 'Fido' and try it yourself). Additionally most dogs will within just hours or a day, adopt a new 'name' (which to them is just a sound that means something interesting almost always happens!). Only my shyest dog, Jaspar, would avoid going to someone he didn't know at all and he wouldn't go regardless of whether his name was used or not.

I think a very personal tag increases the chances of getting your dog back as it looks like someone really cares about the dog -- better than just a phone number on a tag. Also keep in mind that in many states, counties or countries (as in Ireland) owners are *required* to have their name, address and phone number on the tag!

For my dogs I have their name then my full contact details on one side and then on the reverse, it says "I am neutered and microchipped. Reward if found". I want people to know that the dog cannot be used for breeding (probably the number one reason why dogs are stolen at least in Ireland and the UK!! And cavaliers are a top breed to steal in both countries!), that the dog is chipped and that could be picked up by a vet if they are trying to steal the dog to keep, and finally, that there is of course a reward if any of my dogs are found.

For Leo and Lucy I have a second tag -- Leo's notes that he has a serious illness and need daily medication; Lucy's that she is deaf and if found to please put her on a lead immediately and call me.

Anyone is rescue will tell you it is very easy to get just about any dog to come to you. And frankly I'd much rather have my address and number on a tag and let people know where to find me even if they plan to ask for a 'ransom' then to never see my dogs again because they are going to be sold to some puppy farmer somewhere... :eek:

22nd April 2009, 03:04 PM
I like the collartags from www.boomerangtags.com (http://www.boomerangtags.com)

I got mine here, great service and they can really pack on whatever you want to say on them. They come in the post/mail within about a week from order and do lots od shapes and sizes.

On out tags I have :
Front - Owner number and vet number
Back - Neutered, microchipped (and the reg company, eg. IKC, fido) and on one I have "required daily medication" (because she does!)

Silencers can be wrapped around tage to stop them jingling, they are just rubber, but I prefer to be able to hear where they are! ;)