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22nd April 2009, 02:54 PM
This is from his registered specialist in Orthopedics and Radiology

I examined this patient today with the history of hind leg problems, There is some astrophy of the left hind leg. The x-ray shows a marked subluxations of the hip joint but this does not appear to have any bony remodelling or new bone formation which is a little surprising give the age of the dog. The lameness seems also to be somewhat intermittent such that the only give little amounts of medication on an irregular basis. I find it difficult to get any physical signs on the hip joint examination other than the muscle atrophy.
I had a long discussion concerning the management of the dog as he seems to be fairly good when having Rimadyl at what is about 50% of the maintenance dose level. I suggested that the dog is given a more prolonged course of medication over a six week course initially at the same dose level and for the owner to monitor any physical signs that might show. If the result is favourable then medical management at this level is a good option.
I did assess the hip joint for hip replacement, the size is below the standard hip its sizes which I have here but there has been a small animal set released in the last few months, which I have not obtained as I feel it is unlikely that I would use it much. However I will chat with colleagues to see if anyone has one I could use. In general terms it is technically somewhat more demanding to perform a replacement in smaller patients. The alternative might be a femur head and neck resection, but in my opinion the result in adult dogs is not great.

So this is where we are at, any coments ?

22nd April 2009, 02:56 PM
um can you translate?

22nd April 2009, 03:03 PM
I think that realistically there's no guarantee of a succesful outcome from any surgical intervention.The hip and femur resection sounds like it may leave him worse off??.
Your options are
Do the hip replacement if doc can borrow small kit.
Follow the non surgical route and medicate.
Get a second opinion quickly from a small animal specialist who deals with toy breeds.Sounds unlikely though as HD isn't a major problem in toys.

Brian M
22nd April 2009, 03:14 PM
Hi Di

I agree it looks to me like pain management of which you sound as though you and Harley are doing well ,if it was me I would only go down the surgical route only as a last resort ,After Rosies little patella problem and talking to educated Cavalier people sometimes I think that animal doctors view our Cavs as walking signs with 4 legs and 1 tail:confused:

22nd April 2009, 03:17 PM
This is basically what he said, cavaliers dont experience problems from hd as a rule, they tollerate it very well, and to be honest he twisted, pulled and manipulated harley leg, and seeing the xrays i can tell that his hip is deformed, Harley did little more than look at him, no yelp, no discomfort that i could see.
So if he is in that little discomfort he wouldnt need a very high dose of painkiller for it to be helpful without causing side effects.