View Full Version : Yeah I got Rex to lay down and roll over

22nd April 2009, 08:43 PM
Sorry I got so excited b*n*n*

I have been tryin for a week....I know I posted another thread but I had to let everyone know...:D

I took him out for his walk w/the kids then we were outside and I grabed a treat then I had him near me and ask him to sit showed him the treat and then brong the treat down the the ground and said lay down....YEAH!!!

I got so excited we did this about 10 times and when in that he would lay down and then flop over and then I would wave the treat and say roll over and he did ........I dont know if that is the correct way mixing both but at this time I will take that....but then about an half hour later we tried again in the house and he didnt want to do it....then he did it once and then didnt want anything to do w/it.....so I am just going to give it 10 min or so a day and practice and not over do it.......

Sorry I had to tell someone....FINALLY WE DID ITcl*p


23rd April 2009, 11:08 AM
Well done :rah: doesnt it feel great when then finally 'get it' :D....
I taught my Ellie to sit, lie down, roll over, shake a paw, give a high five . Now when she gets really excited at the thought of a treat, she does the whole lot one after the other :rotfl:
Keep up with the tricks, Cavvies love to please and once you have taught one thing, the next one seems easy to learn :smile:

23rd April 2009, 03:19 PM
Thanks, I am trying to practice as much as I can he did it for daddy, then at supper and then this morning..he didnt roll over again till this morning and very jumpy like....we had to practice a bit cuz his lay down he wanted his butt up in the air....

I know it all bouncey right now but I am sure w/age it will be more slow and still like...if that makes since..

I will take what I can at this time...

Hey how do you do the high five...???

23rd April 2009, 04:18 PM
How old is Rex?? perhaps he is still a bit young to master things yet. It does take time and patience.....Try not to get him too excited before starting training, then LOTS of praise when he gets it right.;)