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25th April 2009, 09:52 PM
Hiya all

I need some advice!!

I have a year old cav called Rex. He is adorable and so loving but we have 2 problems with him. Firstly. He wont walk on a lead or a harness. I take him out and he pulls so much which is why I switched to a harness as he was making himself sick on the collar and lead. Anyway, I walk him on his harness and he gets so excited every time. Will this wear off? Every day for a year and its like the first time I have taken him out????

My second is that when we are at home (and at my mums who has 2 girl dogs and a girl cat) he is perfectly house trained but when I go to my sisters (she has 2 dogs and 1 girl dog) and he is 'marking his territory' on EVERYTHING!! She also has a 5 month old baby so this is not good so he spends his time in his cage with lots of walks which I hate as he spends most evenings at home warming me up!! :P so have stopped going to see her therefore dont see my niece as often as I would like. Is there any way I can stop this. He has not been done as hubby thinks he will get nasty (a previous experience).

Any advice would be appreciated.



P.S. he has not been to classes as there none near me as I have no car so trying to find one within walking distance but no luck so far.

25th April 2009, 11:11 PM
The walks will be ok in time but you might have to wait a while because I have 3 dogs 2 cavaliers and a mix and when I put the leads and collars on we have a mad house 2 barking and one runs round
The second one about marking ? I have 3 males 2 not done has you put it one is done the one that is done is has soft has grease not nasty at all
----Aileen and the gang (Barney---Jazzie---Jale)

25th April 2009, 11:20 PM
I hear the sense-ible harness (I think I am spelling that right) does the trick for pulling. When we go to my parent's house, I keep BAndit close to me on a leash or he will mark. I have bought some belly bands so that when we go I can use those. They are a velcro band that wraps around his middle and you put it on with a feminine napkin between the band and his penis so that if he lifts his leg, he can't mark.
You might buy a couple of those and try them.

Good luck!

25th April 2009, 11:23 PM
6 weeks out of rescue, and 1yr old Jasper still goes nuts when we take him out. We have resorted to a 40ft climbing rope (more 'give' than standard rope) when in the fields to give him more freedom, and he wears a comfy harness all the time so we and just clip and go really quick before he can work himself up too much! 1 to 1 walks are also much calmer than accompanied walks. The sens-ible harness helped a little when lead training, but I've switched to the standard harness for roped walks. Pets at home also sell a lead with a 'handle' & woven lead that it a bit like a short bungee rope - takes the strain for your hand and your pulling cav's spine. THAT really helped me with the sore hands I was suffering.

26th April 2009, 07:23 AM
i'm in hartlepool too :)

There are training classes at summerhill ( & one at elwick , though I was not impressed )

For the marking, you can buy " belly bands" they are a piece of cloth with velcro that go around their middle so if they mark the pee doesnt damage anything

26th April 2009, 10:10 AM

Thanks for your replies. Will try the belly band for the marking.

AT - Where is summerhill? We have been living here less than 2 years and I know the marina, the town center and West View area.


26th April 2009, 10:29 AM
summer hill is behind ward jackson park, catcote road / top of elwick road.
I think there is a dog show on there today.

there will be a bus running to that area

I enquired about the training classes but there was a 6 week wait for one of the puppy classes. the class for their adult dogs is on wednesdays
The other trainer didnt answer me

26th April 2009, 10:10 PM

Thanks for that. But I dont do buses. I have 3 kids to take with me (2 in double buggy) so will not even think of getting on a bus. I walk everywhere but Jackson Ward park is a bit far even for me.

I have seen a leaflet for someone to come to your home so might enquire about that. Just need to remember where I saw the leaflet!! :P

Although Rex is really well behaved, he is just very very very excitable and its made worse getting kids out and Rex. Things are alot easier at weekends when I can take him out without the kids but he is still very hyper and pulls.

Thanks anyway

27th April 2009, 07:28 AM
k9kapers does house visits