View Full Version : Alice was spayed today! Also a weight question...

30th April 2009, 12:28 AM
All went well. :jmp2:

She weigs 13 lbs (wow!) at nearly 6 months of age, she'll be 6 months on 5/9. She was also microchipped. It all went very fast, dropped her off at 8:30 am and picked her up at 1 pm. She was still pretty groggy but since they knew I used to work at a vet they let me take her home a little early. By about 4 pm she was starting to perk up. She does seem to have a hard time getting comfortable. She hasn't wanted anything to drink so far, but she did eat some canned food mixed with dry a few minutes ago, about 6 pm. I'm so glad that's over, it's crazy how nervous I was! She is wearing her onesie to keep her from licking the stitches, although she hasn't tried to bother them yet. The onsie says "Miss Marvelous" :D - we found it at Kohls, we also got her a second one that says "Super Cute". So far no signs that she is in pain, they gave her a pain injection after the surgery that may not have worn off yet... I bought her some good things to chew on to keep her busy next to me on the couch. She is already showing signs of wanting to play with the other dogs & we have a split level house with lots of steps that she isn't supposed to be going on.... Oh, this will be a fun week trying to keep her still!

Does 13 lbs sound big at 6 months??? The breeder said that her parents were 14 lbs, but I'm thinking she'll end up bigger than that. If any of you remember please let me know what your cav weighed at 6 months and what they are full grown. Thanks!


30th April 2009, 12:43 AM
Oh, so glad that is over for you. I bet she looks adorable in her onsies. What perfect sayings on them. Post pics. if you can. The week will go by, and it will all be behind you. Good luck. Judy and Dixie:o

Cathy Moon
30th April 2009, 02:14 AM
I don't think 13 lbs is too big at 6 months. That seems within normal range to me.

Sounds like you might need baby gates or an x-pen to confine her from stairs and jumping on/off furniture. :thmbsup:

If you need to help her drinking fluids, mix a teensy amount of canned dog food into a little water in a shallow dish (I used rubbermaid lids) and she will lap it up. :flwr:

the doll
30th April 2009, 11:33 AM
Glad its over and went well, it's an awful worry!
Holly hasn't gained any weight since hers, I reduced her food by a small amount and with exercise she hasn't got plump at all. I think you just need to trust your own judgement, if she looks fit and trim she's fine. If you feel she is getting too big just feed less and up the walking.:p

30th April 2009, 11:39 AM
I'm glad Alice is doing well after her spay. 12lbs seems about right for a 6 month old. Lois is 7 months and is 5.5kg and I think thats about 12lbs. I think this is an average weight.

30th April 2009, 08:56 PM
I am so glad all went well....:D

heather r
30th April 2009, 09:10 PM
Glad that the spaying went well. Our Abigail at 6 months was 10 pounds. Now at 9 months she is just over 12 pounds. She ison the smaller size for a cavalier. Both the breeder and our vet think she will be 13 to 14 pounds when fully grown. I think yours is just right in size.:smile:

At the American Cavalier National show held here on the Cape this week, I noticed that most of the dogs were much larger than our Abigail.

Heather R

30th April 2009, 11:29 PM
Great eveything went well :)

13lbs sounds spot on, no need for worry at all :thmbsup: