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Brian M
3rd May 2009, 09:45 PM



And Daisy


And Rosie


http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?formkey=cDRJV2dGMkpUTldCanNEZDNkNC1hUXc6M A

Asked me to mention on their forum that they were just wondering ,but they don't want to appear forward ,that if all our cavaleirs that signed the thread where we are all counted ,398 last time we looked ,that if they all signed our petition that would be a nice number to forward to the club in support of our petition.:)
And to also inform all that our other link for the same petition that we have running parallel to ours on here that appears on the Go Petition website has had 28 pet owning signatures and of which there are 10 that signed yesterday and today.
Does anybody know if Mr R O Mera actually involved his legal team re the comments on that other forum ,the one I am not allowed to view ,but I can cos its dead easy just to enter through the back door as and when I want to.:)
And I see we have loads of new members recently from the US , who are most welcome and as they all are of course all Cavalier owners I personally see no reason why they too shouldn't sign our petition, thats of course only if they want to sign, as surely all our bloodlines Cavaliers or us Humans are all so totally inter-mixed anyway.

So Poppy ,Daisy and Rosie say a big THANK YOU to all their cousins that have signed and a BIG PLEASE DO SIGN to all their cousins that haven't signed.:)


http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?formkey=cDRJV2dGMkpUTldCanNEZDNkNC1hUXc6M A