View Full Version : Omeprazole/Furosemide?

4th May 2009, 06:48 PM
Which of these two drugs is better and can they both be used at the same time? I am not sure why Omeprazole is prescribed for SM when it is normally used for gastric disorders. Can anyone give me some more info?:confused:Thanks!!!

4th May 2009, 08:43 PM
It would be a good idea to talk to your neurologist for an explanation of how these drugs work. In general, they are all drugs created for another reason but also have the affect of lowering CSF pressure which can help SM dogs be more comfortable. There's also some info on www.sm.cavaliertalk.com and www.cavalierhealth,com.

You wouldn't give them both as far as I know -- they both do the same thing. There are several other drugs as well in the same category. For example I use cimetidine.

Sometimes one works better than another or one is preferred by a neurologist for various reasons or an owner due to side affects from one of the other options -- this is really a decision that should be taken in consultation with the neurologist to make the best choice for an individual dog. :thmbsup: