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5th May 2009, 07:14 PM
Or is there a such thing...I cant stand what I have find..and online they seem so expensive...do any of them have samples to try first....I hate to spend so much and then hate it..

My groomer used Desert Sudz, and Ikaria, they are closed till tomorrow to as k more about it but it seemed to smell real good, I am really need a spray I can spray on him between baths...he smells like a bad wet dog right now...all I am using right now is baby shampoo cuz all that I have found at wallmart I dont like..


5th May 2009, 07:36 PM
I know Isle of Dogs seems and sounds REALLY expensive and it is, but because it is easily diluted, a liter which is $40 actually makes about 10 liters and as a result makes the price go down significantly. I have used an oatmeal soap from petco in the past and it worked really well.

PS did my idea help at all from the PM?

Daisy's Mom
5th May 2009, 08:18 PM
I really like Isle of Dogs Evening Primrose shampoo and conditioner (Heavy Mngt), but as you say, they are very expensive. The best pet store brand shampoo I have used is BioGroom Naturals Country Freesia scent. It smells really wonderful, but the smell doesn't last very long, which I think is true of all shampoos.

For in between bath de-smelling, I have a lavendar scented grooming spray (can't remember the name right now - I think I got it at Petco and it comes in a clearish small bottle with a black pump top) that I like pretty well. The aerosol spray Fresh-n-Clean also smells nice and seems to last a longer time than any other I've tried. It is pretty strong though, so I don't use it too often. I feel like it annoys Daisy when I use it. If her sense of smell is 8 times as strong as mine, then it must smell really strong to her!

I used to use whitening shampoos on Daisy, but I felt like they were bleaching out her blenheim patches, especially on the longer hair, so now I only use those on her white feet, if needed.

5th May 2009, 08:26 PM
How long does Isle of Dogs last?

5th May 2009, 08:38 PM
How long does Isle of Dogs last?

Anna hasn't been bathed in 8 days. She started to smell late sunday, and she is getting a bath today. She is also really soft and it helps SO much with shedding. I'm using the Puppy shampoo right now with her, but if you get the vet grade from Isle of dogs, it has 3% cold press vs the 1% cold press and my friend who has some tri's uses the vet grade and they can go almost two weeks before they even begin to smell. :jmp2:

Right now I use the Puppy

And the conditioner

I asked my local petsmart if they would start carrying it and they have put in an order for it that should be here within a month. So if you ask I bet they can get it for you if you don't want to order online.

I have put in an order for this Number 12 veterinary Grade Evening Primrose Oil Shampoo.


I know its $50, but I will use the puppy bottle that I already have and put one ounce of the Number 12 and fill the rest up with filtered water, shake really well and let sit for a bit. Then right before I use it I'll shake it up again. So assentially I'm getting 33 bottles of 8oz for the price of one and when I did the math, that is a WHOLE lot cheaper than even buying just the $5 walmart special shampoos.

Hope that helps. :)

5th May 2009, 08:42 PM
Hi i dont know if you can get these over your way but id think so cos it says Boca Raton,FL on the back! ive got john paul-pet(co founder of paul mitchell & same packaging as pm) in the oatmeal range,smells nice & i got it from a doggie boutique (rather than a big store) at 9.99 shampoo& same for conditioner.
Ive got, but yet to use(due to her being at the groomers recently) Lushpuppi in the Frooti Cutie www.Lushpuppi.co.uk (http://www.Lushpuppi.co.uk) it smells gorg& has a spray leave in conditioner that i prefer to a rinse out one.i got these online in a gift pack with a towel & Toffi toes paw balm in, as it worked out a better deal than buying seperately, for 25
At the groomers as they finish they spray her with a cologne i think it is but to me she then smells "funny" for a few days!!
i know there are lots of inbetween baths sprays you can get but ive not tried any. I'd like to try the Isle of Dogs cos everyone here seems to love it:smile:

Daisy's Mom
5th May 2009, 08:58 PM
Do you mean how long does a bottle last? or the smell last?

It's not really the smell I like so much, although it smells fine. It's the way Daisy's coat is very silky, shiny, and tangle-free after a bath with it, plus I think she stays clean significantly longer than with other shampoos. I think it closes up the hair cuticle so it doesn't pick up dirt so easily. (That is the combo of the shampoo and conditioner, both, though.)

I do use quite a bit of it at each bath because it is a very low-foaming shampoo, so it's not economically attractive at all, I have to admit! It says you can dilute it, but I tried that and I ended up continuing to add more and more shampoo throughout the bath because it just seemed like there wasn't enough on her coat to clean her, so it didn't save anything.

There are lots of nice-smelling shampoos out there, you just have to kind of experiment with several to arrive at one you really like. I would definitely only use dog shampoo, though, because the PH on human shampoo is much different and is hard on a dog's skin, so I've been told. We had a vet tell us when I was a kid that baby shampoo is probably the roughest on a dog's skin of all, because in setting the PH to be gentle on the eyes, they made it worse on the hair & skin! I don't know if that's true, but I do remember him telling us that regarding our poodles.

On the other hand, my brother bought a shih tzu from a reputable show breeder, and she told them she often uses Suave on them! But personally, I feel better sticking to dog shampoos.

Brenda in SC
5th May 2009, 09:00 PM
Isle of Dogs is available online at Bath & Body Works (http://www.bathandbodyworks.com/search/index.jsp?kwCatId=&kw=dog&origkw=dog&sr=1)now (found out from someone at this board!)

I'm not sure if the kit is sample size or a larger one (prob sample since the individual full size items are $20-$25 each) - maybe someone on this board knows. Thought I'd order and give it all a try. There's also a free ship if you spend $65.

5th May 2009, 09:11 PM
I bought the three pack two days ago. I will post more info once I get it in of exact sizes and quantity.

If you buy from Bath and Body Works you can use a spend 30 get 10 dollars off online coupon (TAKETENOFF).

5th May 2009, 09:38 PM
I find it actually works better when it has been diluted. It just doesn't spread well enough because it is so thick. I do agree though. It isn't just the smell, but also the way the coat feels. That is as much the reason why I use it as to anything else..

5th May 2009, 10:12 PM
Another vote here for Isle of Dogs...wonderful stuff, and they do feel so luxurious. Their grooming spray, #60 smells really good for between baths.

5th May 2009, 10:36 PM
Just bathed Anna and she smell BEAUTIFUL! her coat is silky smooth and her chessnut colors are even more vibrant. She wouldn't look any better if she went to the groomers.

6th May 2009, 01:43 AM
I can't find a good shampoo for my dogs. I tried one with Tea Tree made for dogs and it has been the best so far. My dogs don't like perfume smells!

13th May 2009, 02:52 PM
I got my order in last night from Bath and Body works for the High Maintenance set of Isle of Dog products.

It included:

3 fl oz. #10 Primrose Shampoo
3 fl oz. #51 Heavy Maintenance Conditioner
3 fl oz Grooming Spray

I got this all for $28 (USD) but I had a coupon for spend $30 get $10 off. I guess I am happy with it since it will be a nice trial to see if I like it although in the long run I think its a much better deal to get the full sized bottles.

14th May 2009, 11:13 AM
I used to like crazy dog shampoo in baby powder, I'm sure it was an american brand.

i've just done my own dogs in human panten & herbal essences conditioner.
I'd done them in pets at home bytrol shampoo & they looked awful , I actually thought they where ill because their coats looked so dry & dull & the puppy had horrible dandruff.

they look lovely today

Brenda in SC
16th May 2009, 12:26 AM
Thanks Carrie - I was kinda waiting to see what you got for $28. I will give it a try!