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8th May 2009, 05:53 AM
Hi All -

I had sent an PM earlier today to Karlin but just in case she doesn't have time to reply personally I thought I'd also post this here too.

I'm bringing my two year old cavalier into my local groomers for his very first grooming (as he's getting to look too much like a rag doll) this coming weekend and I wanted to know if anyone here has has this cut done on their cavalier?

Article..."Not That You Would EVER Trim A Cavalier.... " (to another place on THIS board)

Also do you (or someone) have a photo of what this cut/trim looks like?

I love the nature look of the cavalier, and I'm going to be very clear that I DO NOT want my dog shaved (keep the feathering, keep the slippers, etc). But he also needs to be neatened up.

Also, FYI that while this is his first trip to the groomer for a clipping. I do groom him regularly myself (weekly - teeth brushing, ear cleaning, paw fur trimming, and daily combing). He's getting to a point where he needs professional help (don't we all at one time or another? LOL) to get him looking less like a rag doll.

Everyone's quick reply is VERY MUCH appreciated.


8th May 2009, 10:54 AM
Are you sure you want your dog trimmed if you want the feathers and slippers? Trimming can change the texture of the coat forever. Dylan had part of his back shaved for a medical procedure and it grew back as "cotton coat".

I bought myself a pair of thinning scissors and trim Dylan myself. You can't go wrong with thinning scissors, even if you hacked away, you'd not get any straight lines, it's very subtle.

I've heard too many horror stories about horrible haircuts on Cavaliers. Why not try yourself first, thinning scissors don't cost a fortune. I actually returned an expensive pair I didn't like for a 8 pair which are great.

If you do go to the groomer, don't forget to say to leave the tail!

8th May 2009, 11:03 AM
Before allowing a groomer to trim your cavalier,I'd recommend just letting him go for a wash/dry.I've not felt the need to have mine trimmed but a professional wash and treatment leaves the coat in such good condition that you may feel that the coat is lovely as it is, when maintained professionally every few weeks.I've negotiated a very good price for a monthly wash/treatment and she's in mint condition.
However I do accept that some cavaliers can become "mini yetis" and have more coat than is necessary for a family pet.
Never let them trim the tail,or shave the dog.But be conservative with the cutting as a bad cut can deprive the cavalier of his glamourous look.

8th May 2009, 08:19 PM
Thanks all for your current replies. What about telling them instead (between the ##### marks) ?

TUMMY - #10 shell out. (they will shave the inner tummy, but you won't be
able to tell from the sides or the front)

SKIRT - Trim the skirt

FOOT /SLIPPERS - #40 pads, but don't round the feet and no cat feet. (If you want
the feet trimmed, then tell them you want them round)

FOOT/BETEEN PAWS UNDERNEETH - Trim the hair between the pads of his paws as closely as you can. I usually use hand succors as he usually freaks out when he hears the clippers. You might have more success
LEGS Tidy up the feathering on his legs but DO NOT shave it off.
CHEST Neaten up
EARS Neaten up DO NOT SHAVE down
REAR END Make sanitary, and trim him down in this part.
OVERALL BODY/BACK Keep the hair a decent length.

Sound better? Did I miss anything?
Basically when I made the appt they told me that for most cavaliers all they typically do is a "sanitary cut"? Would this be better.
Thanks again,

8th May 2009, 08:44 PM
I am in the States and have my Cavalier done by a groomer who has never done a Cavalier before. I told him exactly what I wanted -- just shampoo and conditioner, neatened up, keep the slippers and feathers, etc. Buddy is not in "show" form but he looks like a Cavalier and is easy for me to care for inbetween. That said this groomer is wonderful -- he actually listens to what his customers say and discusses any changes with you before he makes them. If you have not used the groomer before, ask for references, be very specific about what you want and tell him/her ahead of time that you will not pay if you come back and they have done something other than what you asked for -- you can say that lightly, almost as if you were joking, but so they know that deep down you mean it!!

Good luck!

heather r
8th May 2009, 09:21 PM
I've told our groomer to just trim any excess hair on bottom of paws between the nails. Otherwise it is just wash and condition.

Heather R