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12th May 2009, 07:16 PM
Hello every one i lost the last one of my beautiful furbabies on 13/3/09. his name was billy. I lost his brother ben on 2/16/2008 it felt liked my heart had been ripped out.I lost them too mvd at such a young age 9 and 10 years of age . After my husband and i parted they were my soulmates they were before but so much more after.They k new when i was sad and they were there for me its so hard to carry on without them i loved them so much.Cavaliers are the most loving dogs u can have maybe im not being nice to the other breeds but they were my breed of dog.They were so funny as babies we loved them so much. I've had cavaliers since 1980 so i would like everyone to remember Charlie, Chas a rescue baby , Buster, Ben + Billy who were brothers all waiting for me at rainbow bridge.To be honest i can't stop crying i miss them so much it really hurts and i'm telling this to strangers please forgive me.

12th May 2009, 09:59 PM
I'm so sorry you lost your 2 boys so close together, that must have been so hard. Cavaliers are wonderful, comforting little dogs, so hopefully you will be able to get another one someday, when you're ready ...

Brian M
12th May 2009, 10:10 PM
Hi pat

I do feel so sorry for you and do understand your heartfelt grief and loss pls keep your good memories warm and close to your heart and let time do the healing ,the path will be slow and arduous but you will reach the light at the other end ,pls take every day as it deserves and try try to think of all those thousands of happy times that passed so quick through your fingers and maybe sometime in the near future you will again open your heart to another little puppy that so suits you .

Warmest Wishes

12th May 2009, 10:44 PM
I'm so sorry Pat :hug: I hope one day you will let another little Cavalier into you life. You obviously are a very loving mum. It's early days and I hope time heals the pain soon. :flwr:

Cathy T
13th May 2009, 03:14 AM
i'm telling this to strangers please forgive me.

We're really not strangers....we're all lovers of our dogs so need to apologize. I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm hoping that when you are ready you will find another furbaby to help heal your heart.

13th May 2009, 04:22 AM
Hello Pat,
I am so sorry for your losses. Many here can totally relate to your feelings and the depth of your pain and our hearts go out to you. Allow yourself to grieve for your irreplaceable babies and to hopefully one day find love again in another cavalier's eyes.

13th May 2009, 08:38 AM
So sorry to read of the loss of your beloved cavaliers, there is no need to apologise for your feelings, we all love our dogs dearly and I am sure in time you will feel able to welcome another cavalier into your life.:hug:

13th May 2009, 07:52 PM
Thank you all very much for your support. I will always treasure the memories i have of all my babies no one will ever know what they meant to me i miss them running with tails wagging when i come through the door and comforting me when i'm sad because they always new.They gave me unconditional love.Yes i might be able to let another one into my heart but at 59 if i went before him i would worry if he went to someone that would look after him like i did not every one loves the babies like i do we will see. Thank you all once again

14th May 2009, 05:10 PM
at 59 if i went before him i would worry if he went to someone that would look after him like i did

I am 58 and have a four year old Cavalier and two Clumber Spaniels who are almost five years old and almost seven months. I do wonder if my Katy (the Clumber who is seven months) will be my last puppy :(, but I am certain she will not be my last dog :). I hope at 58 that I have many years to live and many years to love and be loved by my dogs. That said I have thought about what will happen to them if I should die first and I have planned for that event. Although I know that in some ways no one will love my dogs like I do, I trust that all of them will be well cared for and loved.

My advice is to live for today, plan for tomorrow and when your heart is ready get another Cavalier whether a puppy or an adult who is in rescue or needs to be re-homed for some reason. I think that is what Billy, Ben, Buster, Charlie and Chas would want you to do. And maybe to be just a little different you should try a girl next time!

And Cathy is right, we are not strangers -- we are united by and know each other because of our love for our dogs.

14th May 2009, 07:03 PM
I must agree with ppotterfield, 59 is no age and you should live for now. I have a friend who has always had cavaliers over the years and she took on a rescue cavalier in her sixties, although she is now early seventies she has said he will be her last dog, so she want`s to share mine.:)

15th May 2009, 03:09 PM
Pat, you are amongst friends here - we all understand, especially those of us who have been through the heartbreak of losing our beloved companions :(

We treasure every day we spent with them, and in time, the pain eases and we can look back on all the happy times we spent together.

I do hope that you will feel able to open your heart and life to another Cavalier - I can understand you being concerned about the future, that is something we ALL have to plan for, no matter what our age - you don't know what tomorrow will bring - but there are many ways of planning for this, even if you don't have family who would take on a dog in the event of something happening. Most responsible breeders would ALWAYS take back a dog they have bred and either keep it or find it another wonderful home, equally rescues are responsible for the life of the dog and would also take it back - so please don't let that put you off.

Cavaliers are very adaptable - we like to think they would only be happy with us, but most people who work in rescue - and I from personal experience of looking after other Cavaliers and fostering - can assure you that they usually settle very quickly, as long as they are fed and loved!! They usually settle within 1/2 a day, the only one I know who took longer was a very "pack orientated" 3 year old male, who went to a home as an only dog, but with a very devoted new owner, and even he settled within a week!

I hope this reassures you a bit - and maybe you will make friends on here, even someone who would be prepared to help out in the event of illness or other problems.

Take care, and we hope that in time you will again have a wee furry body to cuddle.

3rd June 2009, 11:54 PM
Hi Pat, just to let u know am thinking of u...hope ur doin ok...i know exactly how u feel...its a very emtpy feelin indeed :cry*ing:, but u are never ever too old...my friend lost a v good friend on that air france flight the other day...she was only in her 20's...we never know when our own time is up, so when u are ready, and only when u urself ready, get another little dog, as it is clear that u provide a fabulous lovin home...dont be thinkin of ur age, cavaliers are an amazin dog, and God forbid should anythin happen to u, u seem a lovely person, therefore i am certain uve many friends who would love ur furbaby, even just for ur sake alone :d*g: