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22nd May 2009, 01:29 PM
Had to bring Millie to the vets yesterday for her 2nd dental in less than a year and was horrified that she had to have some teeth extracted :(

On the vets recommendation, we are switching her food from Royal Canin to Science plan veterinary range in the hope that this change will help prevent such a fast tartar build up again.

The vet seems to think that Millie is unfortunate and just simply more prone to bad teeth and gums than other dogs, and is hoping that a higher quality food should make a difference. They didnt appear to think that brushing her teeth would make much of an impact - Millie has never let me near her with a toothbrush, but now Im thinking Im going to have to get tough and persist with her..

I had cut down on the amount of dental chewies as she needed to loose some weight - so I feel like Im caught in a vicious circle... (on the upside she has lost 2 kilos, so I was very happy with that!)

Can anybody recommend a good enzyme toothpaste/gel that I could try? I will do anything for her not to have any more problems with her teeth..

22nd May 2009, 03:48 PM
I use a Chicken flavour one on my gang...I'll let you know the name when I'm back at home. Got it at the vets with a handy finger brush which is easier than the usual tooth brush to get around their gums and teeth.

22nd May 2009, 03:55 PM
personaly I dont use toothpaste for my dogs - a good raw bone from the butchers every so often keeps my 2's teeth pearly white!

My last dog Leo had pearly white teeth when he died at the age of 14.5 years! He never once had a dental & my vet couldnt believe his age when I broght him here from England till I showed him his old vet record!!!

Cass is 12 & she still has pearly white teeth too!

I believe also a hight quality diet will help to keep teeth white (rather than nasty pedigree or other supermarket brands)

22nd May 2009, 05:16 PM
I believe also a hight quality diet will help to keep teeth white (rather than nasty pedigree or other supermarket brands)

I thought so too - and I think thats why im so surprised that Millies teeth are suffering. She's been on Royal Canin dry for a long time now... The vet was even surprised as she said that it's one of the brands they would recommend for good tartar control.

Im a bit afraid of raw bones - do they swallow them? I think Id be afraid of sharp bits sticking in their little throats..

Do you get your butcher to cut them into smaller pieces?

22nd May 2009, 05:54 PM
Poultry flavour here too bought at the vets& i use a babies toothbrush, ive seen the finger brushes at our vets too. Rubes loves the taste of it so its a little battle to get it round her teeth before shes licked it all away!

Brian M
22nd May 2009, 08:48 PM

This is a copy of an old thread I posted back in March but its still my nightly routine .

QUOTE=Brian M;311859]Hi

Just to lighten things up as its Saturday Night and to continue the theme of a recent post which referred to "Do we clean our Cavs teeth" I have just finished my nightly routine and decided to take a quick pic of the girls dental kit.:)


So we start off with their own toothbrush which I pre-wet then proceed to brush away with first the Dorwest roast dinner toothpaste then we proceed onto a quick scrub with the Logic Gel Oral Hygiene paste foolowed by a Logic Orozyme Chew which takes Daisy half the night to get through (why is it always Daisy it must be that name ) and she keeps Poppy and Rosie and me waiting ages before at last we get to the Petzlife Oral Care Gel which is wild salmon oil flavoured and another brush with that stuff then at last we finally reach the Petzlife Oral care spray ,which Rosie hates and with this its a squirt to the back left then another to the back right and then to polish off a long squirt to the front choppers.
So thats all the dental routine finished and it always goes in the order of eldest first so its Poppy then Daisy and finally Rosie who about half way through this ordeal has decided to hide under the bed ,so we now move on to their vitamin supplements so its one each of Dorwest Wheatgerm oil capsules then a Dorwest Cod Liver Oil capsule followed by a Dorwest Evening Primrose oil capsule then another Dorwest product which is a Garlic tablet and the a Vetzyme conditioner tablet then a good comb and brush using thanks to Nicki "Aussie leave in conditioner" and a P.A.H. Coat conditioning Spray and of course once a month their Frontline spot on and their Dronatal worming tablet.
And below is another pic of lotions and potions for upset tummnies or stings or a range of other problems that could occur and as this always happens when places are shut I have gathered together more stock I think than my local vets have:)


This all keeps me happy and I hope the girls too plus therse I lot more I keep in the car in case of emergency and i would be more than happy if I never one item.

All good clean fun and I hope it keeps their teeth sparkling.
Best Wishes

22nd May 2009, 09:49 PM
Brian - your unbelievable! How long does it take you each night to get through that dental routine?? Millie would be exactly like Rosie and make a dart for under the bed - its her favourite hiding place when she doesnt want to be caught, she knows we cant reach her!

Do you buy all the Logic products online or locally? My vets dont stock any dental care products, so Im going to have to enquire around alternative vets or buy online..

Brian M
22nd May 2009, 10:23 PM

Its amazing they all line up and sit there waiting for their turn ,most of it I get from Vet UK ant petz life products are from the USA but do have assorted stockist in the uk the teeth cleaning probably about 30 min every night and all the vitamin supplements again they line up so about 10 Min's only and they come from Dorwest direct ,goggle it and you will find it .It is a nightly routine but you soon get used to it and both you and the Cavs enjoy it .I just think if its a problem further down the line it means a general anesthetic for them which is extremely dangerous for any animal.

Try it the logic gel and chews do work and so do the two petzlife products and the Cavs after a time will accept a toothbrush.:)

Cathy Moon
23rd May 2009, 12:46 PM
Can anybody recommend a good enzyme toothpaste/gel that I could try? I will do anything for her not to have any more problems with her teeth..

The toothpaste we buy from our vet is Virbac C.E.T. enzymatic in poultry or malt flavor. One of the vets in the practice specializes in dentistry - he told me that brushing their teeth is more effective than using sprays or gels - in exactly the same way it is for human teeth.

For a low calorie chew, you might want to try lambs ears.

Brian M
25th May 2009, 09:22 PM
These are very good commemnts which I found an another forum but they are particulary meant for Cavaliers ,I hope the person I borrowed them from doesnt mind as they are for the future benfit of all Cavaliers ,though I have changed the odd word.
The regime is to clean their teeth with doggy toothpaste, then rub some Logic tooth gel on their teeth ans we aso add Plaque Off to their food each day.
It is so important to keep their teeth clean as a link has been found between tooth decay and heart problems. It has long been known that periodontitis is linked to early signs of heart disease, particularly the build up of fatty deposits in the arteries. Although this has nothing whatsoever to do with MVD we do not want to add other heart problems to our dogs. A recent study has identified a bacteria - porphyromonas gingivalis - as one of the main culprits of both gum and heart disease. It is thought that bacteria in the mouth can trigger an immune response, increasing production of T. lymphycytes, which are part of the body's defence system. Once the immune system is provoked into attacking the gingivalis bacteria it moves on to the proteins in blood vessels. The result is that it starts a process that leads to the build up of fatty substances.
It is therefore very important that great attention is paid to dental hygene for both ourselves and our dogs.

And you know that Fragaria from Dorwest herbs is excellent if they get sore gums or plaque deposits on their teeth - removes it all http://www.obamaproxy.com/browse.php?u=Oi8vd3d3LmNhdmFsaWVyaGVhbHRoLmNvLnVrL 2ZvcnVtcy9pbWFnZXMvc21pbGllcy9zbWlsZS5naWY%3D&b=15
All adds to our knowledge base and I for one will be ordering some Fragaria tonight
best Wishes

25th May 2009, 09:33 PM
Re the raw bones. I usualy get good big bones & let them have them for a couple of days (or till the smell gets to me!!) & (tough wood) they've never splintered or anything like that - the roasted ones you can get in pet shops are more likley to split than the raw ones. I also give my 2 raw chicken wings & drumsticks which I know a lot of people are worried about but my two seem to chew them nicely (& are always supervised with them) so I dont worry too much!

27th May 2009, 09:00 PM
Thanks everyone for all the suggestions - I have ordered some products online and in the meantime I bought some toothpaste that Im gradually introducing her to..
She is in the best of form since having the extractions - devouring her new food and is full of play with my other two.
She really must have been in some discomfort with her mouth, because the last few days she has really been in such good humour!

Only one day left on her antibiotic, so :xfngr: I can manage to keep her mouth as nice and clean as it is now..

Brian M
27th May 2009, 09:20 PM
Hi Louise

And well done for not only looking into but also ordering some of the products ,I just got my Fragaria from Dorwest so that goes in my list of teeth cleaning products ,do keep us all informed how you progress so good luck to you and congratulations on your efforts.:-)