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27th May 2009, 04:06 AM
I ordered this cute plaid collar and leash set for Tucker and it arrived today. It looks great but I'm worried the collar is going to be to big! It looks bigger in person than in this picture. I ordered an adult size for later on (my breeder suggested 12-18 inches). This collar is 1 inch wide and just looks really big for a cavalier, so I was wondering what sizes you have for your adult cavaliers to help me decide if I want to keep this one or not. I think I may be able to get it in a 3/4 inch wide as well.


Also, what's a good size for puppy collars?

I've kinda gone crazy shopping for Tucker lately ;) Thanks for the help!


27th May 2009, 07:38 AM
When i first got them i put them in cat collars with a bell.They are so small nothing fit them,plus i could hear them.I took it off at nite,and when they could properly go out i got them a harness.

27th May 2009, 09:59 AM
Hi i have a very small collar for jelly got from pets at home, it was a pressie so im not sure if meant for a cat or a dog in there & ive put a cat bell on it so i can hear her,rubes also has a cat bell on hers.
Justine im looking for a tiny harness for her & still looking for a better one for rubes too. What type would you or others recommend for a pup? Its rubys one im more having trouble finding, with her SM she needs one very soft & thin on her shoulder. her puppia is too wide i think & makes her scratching worse, i found this one but theyre no longer available


& any others im finding would be too wide or hard-can anyone help??
Meray rubys collar is 1 inch wide by 15 inches long(ive just had tape measure out !) & she is on the small side for an adult cav. jellys now is less than 1cm wide-hope that helps:)

27th May 2009, 10:13 AM
Go to shops on here.DTI sell the puppia.I have allways bought those for the boys and they come in great colours.DTI has some good ones to choose from.

27th May 2009, 10:51 AM
12-18 inches would seem really long unless you have a larger cavalier -- you don't want the collar to be too loose or too tight (tight is worse!) -- in general two fingers should easily fit under the collar. But the width I don't think makes much of a difference. I tend to get 5/8th inch wide collars myself. The length generally is easily shortened however on most collars so length may not really matter. I don;t walk my dogs on a collar so mainly the collar is there for their tags.

Daisy's Mom
27th May 2009, 01:57 PM
I have a 1 inch collar for Daisy (actually, a couple of them). They are really too wide, IMO. I feel like when she's laying down or bending her neck forward, they kind of press on her throat, especially if the buckles are bulky and end up under her chin. I like the 5/8 inch ones better, and if I could find one that's long enough, I'd probably even get a thinner one. It just seems way more comfortable to me. She's got a barrel chest and a big old neck on her, though, so 5/8 is the thinnest one I've been able to find in her size so far. I would say she needs a 17 inch or maybe even 18 inch. So on that point, I agree with your breeder that a 12-18 inch is probably a decent guess on her adult size.

As Karlin said, I don't walk her on a collar anyway, so it just needs to be a safe, comfortable tag holder. My original thought on getting the one inch ones was to have them be gentler on her neck when walking on a leash, but I rarely do that anymore anyway, except maybe to the vet. I had read that a collar should be at least the width of two of her vertebrae to be comfortable. Daisy's such a horrible puller with a collar and leash, though, that I don't think it's good for her with any size collar.

27th May 2009, 03:28 PM
I agree, I think the 1" collars are too wide when they're laying down, but they seem like they would be more comfy when walking than the thinner ones. I have all sizes. My three have the following neck sizes (all are adults): 13", 16" & 17". The length of their neck has a lot to do with the width of the collar as well. Ollie has a really long neck, so the 1" is okay, but Casey has a short neck, so the 1" is too wide. If you're buying a collar just so you can put tags on them and plan on keeping it on him all the time, I would definitely get a more narrow one. If it's for walking him, I would take it off after your walks.

Did you order that on Etsy? Those collars are so cute but I always wondered what they would look like in person. Good quality?

27th May 2009, 04:58 PM
I know quite a few people who prefer the 1" for their cavaliers because the smaller width can't be seen with all of their fur ;) That being said, I prefer the 5/8 for my two - the collar size I get is 10-14" :)

Good luck - cute collar, btw!

Love my Cavaliers
27th May 2009, 05:11 PM
My dogs (all adults) neck sizes are 11", 13", 13", and 14". All of their collars are 5/8 inch wide. I bought a 1" wide collar and felt that it was too large. Like Karlin though, I just use the collars for ID tags and use harnesses for walking as one of mine has SM and one has the CM malformation.

27th May 2009, 08:27 PM
Stella has a few collars that I use for certain occasions (like parades, special appearances, etc.) that are wider, and much dressier, than her everyday collars. I believe they are 1 inch or maybe even 1 1/2 inches. I never use these for a long period of time, though. Her everyday collars are usually 3/4 to 5/8 inches. As for length, I get 10-14 inches. If it's a buckle collar, I might get 14" or 16" length, depending on the collar. Stella actually does better on a collar than a harness, eventho' she does have several harnesses lol. Let's just say, Stella probably has more collars than I have shoes, and that's saying alot LOL! I also like to use a regular leash (not a retractable one). My favorite length is 4 feet, but I do have alot of 6 foot leashes. My preference for leashes is the narrower the better. :)

27th May 2009, 09:57 PM
I get these safety break-away collars from here:


They now have the 10-14 inch length made to the specs of the petite collar (3/8ths width, petite break-away buckle, etc). I had worried that the breakaway buckle used on their small collar (which is wider and has heavier buckles) would be too much to come apart if they got hung up on something. I was glad they came out with the small collar in the 3/8ths width. I love these collars. They are lightweight and offer the peace of mind that they will release if they or the tags get hung up on something. I've actually had Kaya get her tags stuck down in the air vent (she lays on the airvent to get cool in the summer). When she stood up and realized she was stuck, she yanked and the collar came away. It also yanked the vent out of the floor, but the big thing is she wasn't trapped. I was inspired to find something safer, and found these collars when I was looking. Kaya and the Vizsla that my now ex-husband has were wrestling and Kaya got her lower jaw under Samantha's collar. It twisted and wouldn't come loose. Though I was RIGHT THERE, there was nothing I could do. They were buckle collars and it was twisted to tight that I couldn't get the buckle undone. Kaya was flipping out b/c she couldn't get lose and making it harder for me to try to free them. Sam was being strangled in front of my eyes. It was AWFUL! By some miracle, I got them apart, but not before Sam was in really bad shape. She was left with ligature marks around her neck. Sooo, I got rid of all my traditional collars and bought these breakaways.

Oh, and I like the narrower width because they are less damaging to the coat, too. Wider collars tend to break the coat.