View Full Version : Poppy Licks Her Foreleg -Why

Brian M
29th May 2009, 12:49 PM

A question pls thats puzzles me ,after tea which Poppy always finishes
first she lies down and promptly starts licking along the top of her front leg ,I have inspected all around the area and shes fine ,theres no redness at all and all her claws are fine so I am puzzled as to why .
Anybody any ideas or could it just be a form of habit with no apparent reason.:confused:

29th May 2009, 03:52 PM
Hi Brian, it may just be a hotspot. I once had a maltese who had contact allergies, every time we went to the park (almost daily) she'd come home and rip her front paws apart. Burt's bees hot spot ointment saved both of us. It could even be a food allergy if it happens just after she's eaten.

Jen and Ilsa

29th May 2009, 06:48 PM
Brian - my 14 year old girl Susie always lies down and licks the tops of both forelegs repeatedly after she finishes breakfast and dinner. I've discussed this with my holistic vet, and the conclusion is that this is just grooming behavior that is somewhat obsessive/compulsive and has become a habit. She does not have allergies or any kind of skin irritation. It's annoying but harmless. After ten minutes or so, I'll usually correct her by tapping her on the nose and telling her "no lick."