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8th June 2009, 04:51 PM
I just wanted to share my experience of this. In mid March Scooby had some hot spots on his face and had scratched the top of his head until it bled and looked very sore.
My Vet prescribed some antibiotic steroid cream and said it could be due to any number of allergens. My groomer recommended Manuka Honey which is reputed to have antibacterial properties. I have been giving Scooby two teaspoons of strength 12 active honey since the end of March and he has had no more sore skin.
I have also gradually changed his diet over the same period (1 meal of Natures Menu and 1 meal of James Wellbeloved cereal free kibble per day).
I can't claim any miracle cure but just in case any members here are struggling with their Dog's skin problems, I thought I would post my experiences so far.
Scooby is passing two good stools a day, has no dermatitis, no dandruff and isn't scooting. He looks really good and seems very happy - he also loves the taste of the honey!
I'm really glad my groomer recommended Manuka Honey - what experiences of it have other members had?

8th June 2009, 06:49 PM

8th June 2009, 07:51 PM
I haven't given it to my dogs, but I might now having read your post. I have taken it myself for chest infections and feeling run down, and it is really good. It has helped my dad, who has a reflux problem. Manuka is used on dressings in some hospitals in Australia and New Zealand and its supposed to work really well on open wounds. I have read somewhere that it is very effective at keeping MRSA at bay too. Its a miracle remedy.
One of my dogs has an allergy to dust mites and is very itchy, so I might try this for him, if nothing else it would probably boost his immune system, and therefore help him fight the allergy. Why didn't I think of this before. Thanks Tabby.