View Full Version : Board software upgrade and downtime

15th June 2009, 12:25 PM
Just a heads up -- at some point over the week I need to do a minor board upgrade which should be the last issue of software before we get a major overhaul with lots of new features. :w**h**:

I'll need to briefly take the board offline to do this so if you get a message that the board is offline, this is why. I may try and leave this til the weekend though as that's when we have the the least amount of traffic and it disrupts the fewest people.

I still have not properly sorted out email accounts for this site, or sorted the rescue site full stop -- haven't had time to go through the process of figuring out what is wrong with settings or the way the other site is uploaded to the new hosting company (which is a lot more complicated to use than the old one). So if people want to reach me please use PMs and not emails -- I only check emails every week or so for the board at the moment.

Am just particularly busy between work and travel, and travel for work, in the next two months (and in the past two months) so getting stuff done here is eternally on the long finger.