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16th June 2009, 01:28 AM
Hi Plse can i pick your brains as to if im doing any of this right?! ive had Jelly 3 weeks& she's 12 weeks old & of course as cute as a button:D i really would appreciate your opinions as i want to get everything right for her :)

1. I dont let her bite me at all (after she drew blood) but should i let her a little so she learns how hard?

2.How can i stop her jumping on rubys head? i know shes a baby & only playing but ruby doesnt like it(looks pityful at me) when jelly jumps on her growling & trying to bite her ears, Ruby doesnt tell her off (very placid) so i tell her no.i have cut rubys ears shorter cos of it.When i tell her no she just goes back again & again.Also ruby has eye drops several times a day & jelly then wont stop licking rubys eyes & face for ages,again with me saying no & trying to distract her with toys but she persists. btw Ruby now walks as far away as her lead will allow from jelly.

3.toilets-she is doing very well & i take her out often but she doesnt always go,ive been known to wait outside with her for 1 1/2 hrs only for her to go as soon as we get thro the door(before ive even closed it) Today she did both toilets outside then as i was washing my hands she wee'd on the floor.When she goes outside she always gets praise & a treat each time.she is getting wise to this as tonight she squatted for 2 seconds,ran to me for her treat & she hadnt passed a drop! At home if i catch her in the act i say no no whilst running outside with her but if i dont see her i dont say anything. She is dry overnight & i check her bedding & her undercarriage any time she's been in her crate.

4. How can i encourage her to go toilets away from home? Both girls come to work with me(my shop & home from home with the same things they have at home) i take her out often but she doesnt go. the worst day she held on from 9am until 4.10pm.Certainly on a lunchtime she sees ruby get praise for going but one day we were out over 2hours before she went at lunch.( Not walking for 2hours just waiting & pottering ) Then i have to rush back to work & i dont want to teach her that toilets means end of walks! I worry that she is going to hurt herself holding on so long.I would think she'd be desperate but sometimes still doesnt go as soon as we get home- can be maybe 20mins.

5.Is there a time i should lift water up? i dont & her last outing is midnight.

6.When she's due to go out ie.after her food should i wake her up to go(when she's asleep) to keep her to her schedule or wait until she wakes?

She is really doing well with her recall when playing & her sit:) Her (much needed) leave it & no are coming on.She will try to eat anything she finds outside,old chewing gum,rubbish, 1 dead bumble bee:yuk: so im working hard on leave it!
So plse can you give me any advice on all or some of the above.Sorry for the really long post but i really want to get it all right for her. i know a lot of it will be covered in the links provided but my links dont always work:crash:
I have just reread this & it sounds like a moan about jelly,its not she's fab!

16th June 2009, 06:46 AM
Wow,alot of questions.1.dont let her bite yiu hard,when Alfs or Archie used to do this i would shout OUCH,no bites.2 Your older dog will sort her out,she will get fed up with it at some point,let them sort it out thats the way pup will learn not to bite to hard,but do keep an eye on it.I never left Archie on his own for to long with alfs just in case it went to far.The water bowl,i would remove between 8 and 9pm just for a while,otherwise she will go to bed with a full bladder.I will have to go back and look at the other questions.

16th June 2009, 06:49 AM
Ok,i never wake a pup,just for the toilet,unless you are going out or to bed yourself.Let sleeping dogs lie.Recall sounds good.When she comes back make a big fuss of her.Think thats it.

16th June 2009, 06:51 AM
As for wee mistakes,that will happen she is only a baby.dont tell her of.As soon as she has had a drink or food take her straight outside.

16th June 2009, 06:53 AM
Answer to 4. I have found that with Anna it is best to let her think that she can't go for a walk UNTIL she has done her business. That has helped alot because I will stand in ONE place and not let her move more than about 10 ft squared. I think that will help your little one.

5. Water comes up around 9 about an hour after dinner.

Also Ruby might just be the motherly type. Some dogs do better with puppies than others. I'm sorry I couldn't help more.