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18th June 2009, 07:21 PM
Since about a week after I got Zoe she has been a itchy little puppy. She is flealess, I have switched her food, first eliminated chicken and then wheat and cornmeal. The vet did not think it was allergies because she is so young. Switched to a soapless shampoo as well. Has anyone else dealt with a itchy little puppy with sucess?
Osanna and Zoe

18th June 2009, 07:39 PM
Has the vet checked for rabbit mites, skin conditions, etc? If your vet eliminates all other possibilities, and is sure it isn't allergies, make sure s/he knows about syringomyelia, which can affect cavaliers as well as cavalier crosses. Unfortunately while this is unlikely to appear in young puppies, it can; and it is important for anyone with this breed or mix that includes this breed to be fully aware of this condition. Vets will generally know little about it will not know of the high incidence in this particular breed.


also links at:


Most likely there is some other cause at this age.

18th June 2009, 07:40 PM
The first thing I would do is switch her to a grain-free food. It does WONDERS for itchy pets. In my opinion, the corn and rice should have been the first things to go, not the chicken. It may also be something that's environmental that's bothering her; pollen, the grass, etc.

I just got a rescue in (foster) who came in with major itchies and half her fur had been chewed off. ONE WEEK on a grain free food, and it is amazing the difference in her. I can't wait to see her progression.

Brenda in SC
18th June 2009, 07:42 PM
May I ask what grain-free brand you are using?

Oops, nevermind I see it is Orijen from another post!

18th June 2009, 08:58 PM
Quincy was very itchy when we got him at 10 weeks. I started to add fish oil to his food once a day, and he hardly itches at all anymore. Plus his coat looks so healthy and shiny.

20th June 2009, 03:11 AM
Thanks everyone, so to follow up:
In addition to being itchy Zoe is shedding like a beast, there is hair in every corner of our house (not fun since she sleeps with me!):v*cuum: and the furminater isn't doing much to help.
Today I went to Petsmart looking for fish oil to try that and ended up being told that I am feeding the wrong food and using the wrong shampoo and so on... Of course they were all things recommended by the petsmart employees. Has anyone used Blue buffalo, and whats better?
I have thought about the itchy being from SM but I live in a small town so my vet is not experienced in this area at all, therefore I want to try all else before I start looking for a big city vet. (Zoe gets car sick)
Thanks everyone!

20th June 2009, 03:33 AM
Blue Buffalo looks pretty good, although their "Wilderness" line is even better! I prefer grain-free foods myself. I think it's a matter of trying different foods as you finish a bag, and then one day you'll find the one that really clicks with your dog. That's what happened with me, anyway.

20th June 2009, 07:27 AM
I used Blue Buffalo for my girls for about a year. I loved it. They did very well with it. They preferred the Chicken/brown rice. I tried the Lamb and the Fish and they turned their nose up to them! I recently started Natural Balance LID (grain free) because I had been told it would help with the tear staining/allergy eye issues that Bella has. So far, I have seen and improvement with her eyes. Although, I believe they prefer the taste of the Blue Buffalo more. I just bought the lower calorie Natural Balance because Bella has to lose 4-5 lbs before her knee surgery! Hopefully she will like it! Good luck with your food search!

20th June 2009, 11:52 AM
I might actually simply try a different vets for a different opinion as this is really most likely to be something other than SM and youd want to eliminate skin conditions very methodically. Allergies in small puppies are truly not that common.

In my opinion, the corn and rice should have been the first things to go, not the chicken.

despite the internet chatter about these ingredients, in actual studies these two items actually are not that often the problem for allergies, especially not rice, which is often used as a neutral starch for dogs WITH allergies (which is why I say be very cautious about internet advice! :) ).

What proteins most frequently cause food allergies?

Ten scientific studies have shown that certain proteins in beef, dairy products and wheat account for two-thirds of the reported cases of cutaneous food allergy in dogs.

And UC Davis:

The most common proven allergens in the dog are beef, chicken, milk, eggs, corn, wheat, and soy;

Chicken is also fairly common simply because it is in so many foods.

This is well worth reading on allergies:


Keep in mind you need to try new diets for 4-6 WEEKS not just a few days or a couple of weeks to do food elimination. It is best to do food elimination with a vet's supervision and guidance especially in a growing puppy which needs specific nutrients in a health diet.

20th June 2009, 12:29 PM
Where is Zoe itching. If its at her ears dont forget to check for ear mights or foreign bodies (like grass seeds) in them.


20th June 2009, 05:18 PM
She is itching everywhere that she can reach. I eliminated the chicken because Ry has a chicken allergy and thought it would be worth a shot since we shouldn't have chicken around Ry anyways. The food Zoe is on she has been eating 3 weeks and the shedding has gotten worse. I dont know if that is because of the last food leaving her body or a reaction to the new food. I felt pretty scammed though when I went to petsmart and the lady said that everything that I had bought wasn't the best when every one of the things was recommeneded by a employee there.
I'v also heard that Innova is a good food but that's harder to find. And the other foods I haven't heard of, do you think their availible at a feed supply store?

20th June 2009, 05:59 PM
Sorry, I meant to say corn and wheat (not rice).

Interesting reading about the allergies. I had no idea beef was such a common culprit! When we have upset stomachs, I feed boiled ground beef and rice. I know those who feed RAW feed beef, and I always thought that dogs fed RAW suffer from very few food allergies. I'm confused. icon_blshing

I still think it is something in the hormones and processing causing these allergies and not the meat itself. I pulled that opinion out of the air, but I also think that's why the USA has so much cancer compared to other countries. Almost everything we (as a country) eat is processed and I think it's literally killing us!

21st June 2009, 02:15 AM
I'm not sure if you can get Orijen or Acana where you live, but I have found it works wonders. My mom's ET was on it for a long time and she switched him and he seems to be doing a lot better! I think the reason is because they are ALL fish ingredients - no chicken - and fish doesn't seem to be a high allergen food.

heather r
21st June 2009, 08:33 PM
Our last golden retriever was itchy and allergic from when she was a pup. It finally turned out to not be a food allergy but grass, pollen etc. and soap allergy. We had to take her to specialist for testing.

Unfortunately we had to treat her with allergy shots, medication and as she aged ( she lived to 12 1/2 yrs.) with frequent baths since her skin got so oily.

Hope that yours is a food allergy and that you can come up with correct food.

We feed our cavalier and golden Evo by Innova and have been pleased with results.

Heather R