View Full Version : SM - Does Gab. come in 150mg capsules?

26th June 2009, 06:06 PM
Hello, our 2 year old boy was diag. with SM in April 09. We have been giving him 100mg gab. 3x a day. With the heat/humidity we considered changing him to the 150mg 3x a day. Which I thought I had read in some of the posts was available. But the pharmacy we use here in MN said they do not make gab. in 150mg. I know I have seen some indicate that they split the capsule. But I could swear I have seen that some have been able to find the 150mg capsules and don't need to split the 100mg to create a 150mg dosage. Does anyone know one way or the other if they make 150mg capsules of gabapentin?

Barb, Gregg and Riley

26th June 2009, 06:34 PM
Hi, I've looked all over the net and cannot find 150mg as a dose,altho' a couple of papers talk about that dose. I've looked under human and canine. sorry, not much help. :xfngr: someone has found it.

26th June 2009, 06:44 PM
I'm not aware of a capsule in a 150mg dose - most seem to empty the capsule and divide the contents - which can be a bit inaccurate - or use a compounding pharmacy, which is expensive.

The alternative is to obtain a prescription for the 600mg TABLETS, which are then easy to divide into 4 to obtain 4 x 150mg doses.

If you explain why to your vet/neurologist, most of them will be happy to prescribe this dose.

26th June 2009, 10:21 PM
I know it's a pain but this is a video of how I split capsules. Empty capsules can be bought online. Don't worry too much about them not being too accurate, equal by eye is enough. Over 48 hours, it will even itself out.


26th June 2009, 11:22 PM
I found that my local compounding pharmacy was quite reasonable when charging to split capsules. (For a past dog, I had to split 1.25 mg. Vetmedin capsules in half because he took one and one-half capsules twice a day.)

They would charge me $15 to split up to 300 capsules. It was well worth it to me to pay them to do that since I'm rather OCD about meds.

On the other hand, when two of my small dogs took sildenafil (Viagra) for pulmonary hypertension, I purchased the largest mg. tablet and split those suckers into TWELVE pieces myself with a pill splitter and a razor blade. And those pills have a very irregular shape - not round or oblong. I had no choice because they were $10 each for the 25 and the 100 mg so I had to do the most cost effective purchase. Those pieces were certainly all not the same, but as Pauline said, it evened out over a couple of days, and the dogs seemed no worse for the process.