View Full Version : Dog Beach in San Diego, CA

Daisy's Mom
30th June 2009, 11:55 PM
We just got back from a 2 week vacation in California. We went to Dog Beach twice while we were in San Diego and I was just so thrilled at seeing all the dogs on the beach frolicking around and having fun. It was like heaven! I wish we lived near a beach like that! Anyone else ever been there? I saw one Cavalier from a distance.

In general, one thing I noticed on our trip was the huge percentage of people in CA with dogs. It seemed like everywhere we went, we saw so many people with dogs. It was great, but it did make me miss Daisy even more. We met a sweet little tri-color named Bo at June Lake, CA. I gave him a good ear scratch and thought about Daisy! I would have loved to bring her with us, but we always stay in time share condos and they almost never allow dogs, so that's out. Plus, she's way too big to fit in a kennel under an airline seat and there's no way I'd bring her on a plane any other way.