View Full Version : Does anyone know if Prilactone is same as Spironolactone

12th July 2009, 11:38 AM
Hi sorry to bother you all, I would ring my vet but it is closed today, I will do so tomorrow but in the mean time I was wondering does anyone know is Prilactone the same as spironolactone?
My cavalier kaytee was given Prilactone and the vet says its to help with her high blood pressure, I can only find it saying its for the heart nothing about blood pressure so I need to ring up and get the drug explained to me better, but the reason im asking as I saw a few things online saying Spironolactone can cause tumors in animals. As you can imagine this scared me.
Thanks so much for reading xxx

12th July 2009, 12:56 PM
Yes it is the same drug - have a look on Noah compendium


Unfortunately every drug has side effects and possible problems and your vet will have kept this in mind when prescribing. It's a balancing act - between possible problems and the clinical need for the drug.

If you do have concerns, please telephone your vet - but if you haven't already, do get your dog to a cardiologist - you really need a cardiologist's expertise to manage MVD effectively.