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16th July 2009, 07:43 PM
Just to let you know that Chrissie is doing really well in her first week with us. She's a little dote and we all adore her...even George!! She has been to the vet for her chest rash and it's clearing up very well. She also had to have her anal glands emptied as they were in a pretty bad way. Needless to say she wasn't happy about that one bit! For the first few days she was really scared about being out in the back garden. She kept running to the door to get back in. We're thinking that maybe she was left for long periods outside or was put out as punishment. We brought her out with some toys and treats and it didn't take long for her to realise that it wasn't so bad after all!! :-) She's enjoying her walks and her food and plenty of cuddles. The only issue we have is that she's very, very restless at night. She sleeps in on the couch with George but she's up and pacing around most of the night. We live in a bungalow so she mooches out and does her very best to get into the bedroom. When we tell her to go back to bed, she goes but only for a little while. Hopefully in time she will relax a little more. We're also considering crate training her as she might be happier in a small, secure little spot of her own. Apart from that she's a gorgeous little girl. So lovable. I'll post more pics soon.

16th July 2009, 07:49 PM
That's good to know that she's settling in well with you. Definitely having a crate for her is a great idea.Our girl loves hers and will go in for a nap when she wants to escape the family.Looking forward tp pics!

16th July 2009, 08:35 PM
That's great to hear she is fitting in so well! :)

Although I hesitate to say this as you just got her, if she doesn't settle, I think you will need to investigate this with your vet -- it really isn't normal for dogs to be restless at night unless something is bothering them -- Nicki responded on a similar issue on another thread about a puppy who cannot settle at night. Don't want to get you worried, but at the same time you do not want a dog living in discomfort if something is going in. It is normal for them to shift a bit and reposition but a dog that is up and pacing about on and off and restless almost certainly is in discomfort. It could be that in the very short term she is just uncertain and a bit anxious and moving about at night but if it doesn't stop in the next few days I think you'll need to talk this through with a vet.

16th July 2009, 08:53 PM
Thanks sins and Karlin. She's been checked over twice by the vet and all seems to be well. She had her anal glands expressed today so we'll see if that makes a difference tonight. If not I'll follow it up. She's a nosey little girl in general :-) Always wanting to know what we're doing, where we're going etc. As soon as we settle in on the couch she's culed up beside us! I'm not sure if there's a slight bit of separation anxiety there which is why she's so restless at night. Although she doesn't pee/poop/destroy anything. Either way we'll all work through it. Karlin do you think it would be a good idea to crate train her or would it be too distressing for her being a rescue? She hasn't been left alone with George yet so that's next.

16th July 2009, 08:59 PM
Karlin I just read the post where Nicki replied. Chrissie is different as in when she's with us she's 100% comfortable and happy! She's not restless when she's on the couch snuggled in. I honestly think she's chancing her paw with us trying to mooch in to the bedroom:-) She's doing really well in the first week so hopefully as time goes on she'll learn to relax a little more.

Brenda in SC
16th July 2009, 09:03 PM
Ditto Sins. Rudy came from a shaky start as well and he not only sleeps in his crate at night, he will go there when there are lots of people around and he just needs a nap. My son was in from college and we thought he might have snuck outside when the boys were coming/going. Turns out he was snoozing in his crate. He'd had enough of all the comings and goings.