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21st July 2009, 12:17 PM
Hi there

Darcy is booked for her neutering operation on Thursday.She has also has a subclinical murmur grade 1.5 (no meds) and the vet reckons this should not cause any complications. I have never had to care for a dog after an operation and do not know what to expect so if anyone has any tips or advice, it would be greatly appreciated. I know these routine operations are done everyday but I am still quite anxious.

Many thanks
Sue & Darcy

Brian M
21st July 2009, 12:38 PM

Like you when each of my three girls had the op I was worried but after loads of good advice from members it is amazing how resilient our little Cavaliers are ,one of our American friends suggested a oncie (Babygrow ) to help stop them rooting at their stitches .My post this weekend about Rosie birthday actually has a pic with her wearing one ,I also found the hoods you buy from the vets caused more upset with each of my three than help .So just take care of your little girl and do as normal with your common sense and I am sure within 24/48 hours she will be bouncing around as near normal so my best wishes to you during this not very happy time but the op has more benfits than no op.:)

21st July 2009, 12:49 PM
She'll have a wound going virticaly down her stomach after the op, with stitches. She needs to be prevented from licking at this until the stitches are taken out (usually after 10 days). Your vet will prob giving you a collar (looks like a lampshade) to put onto her to keep her from licking her stitches, that's if she is licking. Some dogs leave them alone and others go mad at them. A babygro, with a hole for her tail cut in it, can also be put onto her to stop her at the stitches. It works well with some dogs while others are driven crazy by them. Always worth a shot though because the collar can be a bit upsetting for them. Keep the stitches clean, I clean then with some salty water daily but some vets recommend not going near them at all and some recommend cleaning then. When you collect her ask what they think.

She may or may not want to eat when she comes home that day, give her only a little food but if she vomits leave her without food. If she doesn't want any food, that's ok, they can be quite groggy and jsut want to sleep. Some dogs vomit a bit after being under anaesthetic, which is totally normal, but if it's excessive you may was to give the vet a buzz to make sure she's ok (there is usually no need for this at all). Also, if the next day she won't eat at all or is still vomiting after she eats, give the vet a call. They can give her an injection to settle her stomach. Plenty of dogs get diarrhea for a day or two after the opperation (usually from the anaesthetic). If this happens, feed her small meals throughout the day and it shoudl settle down quickly. After a day or two, she should be back to herself. If she is still very groggy the next day or generally not herself after a few days, give the vet a call to make sure everything is ok. Like people, dogs react differently to anaesthetic. If at any time you are unsure or concerned about anything, ring your vet - that's what they are there for!

Walking her for the 10 days she has the stitches in should be done on lead (don't let her off), on a dry path and she should be kept out of long grass. Vets tend to advise not letting the run around in general but this can be very difficult to stop, esp in the house. Try to keep her quiet as much as possible and try not to let her run up stairs or jump up onto things (rarely, they can pop a stitch if they stretch out their belly suddenly - this is not likely, but always better safe than sorry).

Keep an eye on the wound - it should look a bit better every day. If it gets very red, hot or gooy or there is a lot of swelling (some, minor swelling is normal) at the site a trip back to the vet will be in order. If she is at it a lot then the collar or babygro will need to be used to stop her at it. The stitches can get a bit itchy so the poor pet might be dying to get at them but you really have to try your best to not let her at them. Some dogs never go at the stitches and others are at them 24/7 - just keep an eye on her and do what you think is best for her.

Great to hear you are getting her done, hope it all goes smoothly for you (and your little lady). Keep us updated!

22nd July 2009, 05:47 PM
Thanks so much for your replies which have plenty of advice. We really appreciate it. Well, tomorrows the day, still worried but your advise has made me a bit calmer. i just hate the thoughts of my little darling being in pain:( My neighbour has kindly donated a pink babygro! Will let you know how it all goes.

23rd July 2009, 03:24 AM
My vet of course gave me a victorian collar to use if need be but our Yoko never needed it. What he told me to use a little mentholated ointment (Vicks Vaporub) on the incision if she started licking on it. That is what I used and it worked miricles....
The incisions actually heal pretty quickly! I would say probably the first 24 hours are the most stressful for the owners! Just try to keep them from jumping up on the furniture and such and keep the activity down to a minimum for the first week!
I think it was myself that had the most stress though!

23rd July 2009, 11:41 AM
No advice to add....try not to worry everything will be fine. I found keeping them easy afterward more of a worry:)

23rd July 2009, 11:57 AM
Dropped Darcy at the vets this morning. She was very distracted by a cat she couldn't see but could hear! I feel so helpless sitting here and worrying about her but thanks for all the reassurances. I do think we owners are more stressed than the animals! I need to occupy myself for a few more hours until the phone rings.

23rd July 2009, 12:16 PM
Dropped Darcy at the vets this morning. She was very distracted by a cat she couldn't see but could hear! I feel so helpless sitting here and worrying about her but thanks for all the reassurances. I do think we owners are more stressed than the animals! I need to occupy myself for a few more hours until the phone rings.

Thinking of you and Darcy.
I am sitting here as well worrying about Harley. Canít wait until he is home.
:hug: To you and Darcy.

23rd July 2009, 06:11 PM
Darcy is home about 2 hours now. She is quite alert which surprised me as I thought she would be really groggy. She is a bit subdued and hasn't found her voice yet so the house is very quiet! I can tell I'm going to have my work cut out keeping her calm and rested as she is more active than I thought. I think I will have to keep her confined to the kitchen as I know she will try to jump up on the couch to sit beside us (in her fav spot) and I also want to avoid lifting her. Poor pet, I bet she feels like she is being punished. So far so good, hope the next few days go well also. Will keep you posted.

Darcy & Sue