View Full Version : How can i add my photos?

Chris and Katie pup
27th July 2009, 05:17 PM
Hi, I am new to this forum (and fairly new to forums in general) and I want to add some photos of my gorgeous Katie. I've looked at the FAQ and it says to click on the album link in User CP. The only prob is, there is NOTHING about albums in my User CP!!!! Am I being particularly dense or what? Can anyone help?

28th July 2009, 12:46 AM
In my User CP I can click on Pictures and Albums.
Then I can lick on Add Album, then I would add a title and description and then click the submit button, then I would be able to upload the pictures to an album.

Good luck:). (I know I found it confusing figuring things out in the beginning, still do sometimes)

If you want to add a picture in the general gallery then that is different, you should follow these instruction :