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30th July 2009, 06:50 PM
Just a quick catch-up to say thanks for the support from so many people recently and I have reconsidered ways of running that spread some of the tasks around, to folks who I hope might enjoy being more directly involved with placing some of these dogs through homechecks, foster etc. I am working on a revamp of the website.

Meanwhile just as soon as I home three dogs, even more come in. :eek:

I have two more dogs this week, in the last two days. One is a young dog with a severe skin problem that the owner cannot afford to properly diagnose & treat, so he will come in to rescue -- just off the phone to my vet on the possible diagnosis. I will have him biopsied so we find out exactly what is wrong. Then have a four year old male, not very used to dogs or people, who was facing the pound -- he shortly goes into foster, then for his snip 'n' chip.

In addition I have a male/female pair -- 5 and 3 -- but am having the owner take them to my vets for a vet check first.

I then have the pair of ex-breeding females in foster, and another pair that can be homed separately, more ex breeding girls who have been spayed and are around 4 or 5.

So eight dogs in total. None of these are suitable for homes with younger children -- 12 and above would be the age frame for kids at home. The pup with the skin problem will be in foster for a while and will likely need some long term treatment to knock out whatever he has.

On the rescue side:

The new process for applications will be to apply for a given dog rather than just apply and wait for me to be in contact. I will also consider taking applications in advance, but then would still expect the applicant to directly apply for a dog of interest -- eg to send me an email indicating an interest and noting that they have submitted an application already.

For fostering, I need people to be able to consider a 4-6 week minimum as I really need to get feedback on the dog and how it fits in, and some of these dogs just need basic family socialising with people and dogs too before rehoming. In the past I have tried to rehome dogs far more quickly but realistically it generally comes back to at least a few weeks and I want people to be aware that that is the time frame. On the other hand, I do value having some short term emergency fosters too who might be able to take a dog even just overnight or for a few days til I can get them to a longer term placement.

On vets: the two practices I work with and highly recommend are all the Anicare.ie branches in Dublin, and Pete Wedderburn and the vets at Bray Vet in Bray. These practices are familiar with signs of SM and good at managing hearts and I feel are very cavalier knowledgeable. Both have been very supportive to rescue as well.

31st July 2009, 06:23 PM
Four year old male just came in -- very badly neglected and matted, terrified at the vets, needs an ulcerated eye operated on. :bang: I just do not understand owners who get a dog then ignore them so they grow fearful and suffer from health problems.

31st July 2009, 08:45 PM
:eek: the poor little man OMG! He is in the best hands now. The poor guy could have suffered for another 5 years, at least now he has the chance to see what life is supposed to be like. Keep us updated Karlin.

4th August 2009, 02:25 PM
Four year old male just came in -- very badly neglected and matted, terrified at the vets, needs an ulcerated eye operated on

He now has a name, Bailey!
He's currently at the groomers having a makeover,poor boy was in quite a state.He has a skin infection where a collar had been left on him and possibly not adjusted as he grew so it had cut into his flesh.
He has a bad corneal ulcer and is booked in tomorrow afternoon for a third eyelid flap surgery and a neuter, so the poor boy will have it tough for the next few days.He's been on Rimadyl for pain and a broad spectrum antibiotic for the last few days.Underneath all the dreadlocks and dirt is a typical cavalier who craves affection and human company.Without cavalier rescue he most certainly would have been PTS and for all of you who bought calendars and cards,this little guy is a lucky beneficiary.

4th August 2009, 03:55 PM
Words fail me as to how people can let their dogs get into this state. :mad:
Thank goodness he is now with those that care and can be shown the love and attention he deserves.

4th August 2009, 04:59 PM
oh poor Bailey, that is just tragic :(

Thank goodness he is safe now - sounds like you are involved in helping out Sins, so thank you on behalf of us all.

If anyone is able to help out financially, it sounds like this is a very expensive time for Irish Cavalier Rescue, and I'm sure Karlin would appreciate any donation you are able to make. Thank you.

4th August 2009, 07:27 PM
Tragic to let a dog get in that state....why do these people get dogs in the first place??????

So glad he is in safe hands now.

5th August 2009, 06:23 PM
If people are interested in helping out -- I do have a lot of expenses coming in between Susie the tri who has heart meds, teeth cleaning and a spay due; a 20 month puppy with the skin problem that needs a skin biopsy and treatment, and this poor fellow (have seen the pics and he is just in a terrible, terrible state. :(

All donations go directly to help these kinds of cases where expenses will exceed what I am likely to reclaim in a homing fee/donation.

My Paypal for rescue is karlin@indigo.ie. Also think on a previous thread I put in the direct account details for Irish Cavalier Rescue at Bank of Ireland for anyone in Ireland (only) who wishes to do a giro transfer of funds. At any rate they can look up the account if you happen to be in Bank of Ireland, the acct is at 2 College Green Dublin, sort code 90-00-17.

Am on holidays at the moment so just quickly checking in tp sort some emails and calls!

Cathy T
5th August 2009, 06:53 PM
Would it be possible to make a sticky at the top of this forum for how to donate to Irish rescue? That way when you have a particularly difficult case come in or anyone just wants to make a donation it would be right there for them. I know there are several times you've mentioned a dog in particular need and it would be nice to know right away how to make a donation?

Also.....does it matter if we make a donation by US dollar or Pounds?

Claire L
5th August 2009, 08:57 PM
I just sent off a donation. Sorry for the delay :o I've been feeling sorry for myself with my neck pain and totally forgot about your shortage of funds.

It's not a huge amount but I hope it helps :)

Brian M
5th August 2009, 09:23 PM

Dont forget lots of photos of wonderful N Wales ,whichever part you are in and the wea:)ther forecast is good up to Sunday . :)

Brian M
5th August 2009, 09:35 PM

And again.

7th August 2009, 10:30 PM
I have the puppy with the skin problems :cry*ing: I fought the tears as I left the vet, I felt so sorry for him. It took him about an hour to settle, he was all a bit confused and I don't think he is that used to other dogs. He loves people and he was starting to get a lot braver with my dogs before he went to bed - running at them them to play with a little bark and when they'd run over to him to play back, he'd run and hide behind my legs :D I think by tomorrow its gona be wrestling all the way. He's in his little crate now chewing on a little treat stick with his eyes closed :hug:

Cathy T
8th August 2009, 12:00 AM
Awwww...he sounds precious. Did they figure out what's wrong with his skin? Is he feeling better yet.

8th August 2009, 11:30 AM
Poor wee fellow - thanks for looking after him CavCross, it's very much appreciated :flwr:

Hope he's feeling much better today.

8th August 2009, 03:20 PM
His results will be back next week but the vet thinks its Puppy Pyoderma, it does look very sore and has stitches in his face and a bad ear infection but the little ray of sunshine has forgotten all about whatever pain he was in, he is far too busy having fun :D He's really having a super time, he just loves it here, he's gotten over his fear of dogs anyway been playing with lots of dogs today including an adult male choc lab, he doesn't walk anywhere he always runs (and falls all over the place on the wooden floor) its like he thinks he needs to squeese in as much fun as possible in case he has to go home. He's a clever little man too we've thought him sit, down and leave it this morning :rah:

8th August 2009, 03:27 PM
He sounds like the perfect little houseguest:).
It's always nice to hear about the more interesting little characters that arrive into foster.Sounds like he's destined to make some family very happy once he gets well.

8th August 2009, 09:25 PM
I've been on hols for the week and just catching up on these dogs. Two big thank yous. First to a group of you for so kindly and thoughtfully donating to help these dogs :w*w: -- the bills on the two ex-breeder girls are large and then these latter fellows on top of those, so the generosity is very appreciated; everything helps and adds together!

Second thank you to CavCross and Sins who are currently fostering these two dogs.


10th August 2009, 11:00 AM
Dont forget,allways here to help.

10th August 2009, 03:07 PM
Sitting with tears running down my face
Thank God this poor lad came into you Karlin & then Sins-thank you. I hope you find the perfect home for Bailey,in time & he can then learn how good life can be,loved & spoilt.