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5th August 2009, 09:20 PM
We have two new additions to the family!! Tommy, Blenheim dog and Lauren, Tricolour bitch. Littermates, born 28th May 2009.

I wouldn't normally recommend having two pups at the same time, especially from the same litter, but hubby and I are now at home full time, so the pups are getting plenty of individual attention as well as play time together and monitored play time with the older dogs.

Lauren - she always manages to look grumpy in photos, but is a really sweet loving wee girlie.


Tommy - is either being cute, naughty or making us laugh, generally a mixture of all 3!! He has a very special nature, reminds us somewhat of our precious Rupert, who left us last December aged 12 1/2.



Brian M
5th August 2009, 09:25 PM
Hi nicki

The two look absolutely wonderful ,big congratulations and smashing pictures .:):):)

5th August 2009, 09:36 PM
Can I have them Nicki?
What gorgeous pups, makes me go all cooooeeeeeee:)


5th August 2009, 09:40 PM
thanks Brian and Nanette - sorry couldn't part with them, but you're welcome to visit for a puppy cuddle :D

Brian M
5th August 2009, 09:56 PM
Hi Nicki

If I did visit I would certainly steal them away ,so its good you are many a mile away.:):):):)

5th August 2009, 09:56 PM
They're adorable Nicki,
I can see you have your hands full with that pair!:p

Love my Cavaliers
5th August 2009, 09:59 PM
If I didn't have 4 already, those pictures would certainly tempt me. They are unbelievably CUTE!!!

brid kenny
5th August 2009, 10:04 PM
Oh Nicki. They are oreous. Congrats. Looking forward to lots more piccies.

Mom of Jato
5th August 2009, 11:02 PM
WOW- two more little cuties to love and enjoy. Congratulations!!!

5th August 2009, 11:04 PM
They are lovely Nicki, congratulations. I think they are going to be lookers.

6th August 2009, 12:17 AM
Oh my they are just sooo cute:luv::luv: Congratulations! Such great pics too, i actually Awww'd aloud:)

6th August 2009, 09:07 AM
Congrats Niki - they're gorgeous!!!!!;)

6th August 2009, 09:18 AM
Oh my god they are beautiful. You can see the mischief in Tommy’s eyes.
You will have so much fun. :p
We will be in Scotland at the end of August, shame your are still far away from where we are going otherwise I would definitely come for a cuddle.

6th August 2009, 03:33 PM
Congratulations - they are both really beautiful, makes me want another, seem to be saying that a lot recently with all these georgous puppy photos at the moment.:)

6th August 2009, 03:54 PM
Ohhh they are adorable Nicky:=) congratulations cl*p

6th August 2009, 04:14 PM

Want them:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:


6th August 2009, 05:47 PM
I LOVE them. Are they Daisy's puppies, Nicki?

6th August 2009, 06:23 PM
Oooh..... cute as buttons!

6th August 2009, 07:07 PM
THank you so much everyone - we are really thrilled with them.

We haven't had a baby puppy of our own for 13 years - Rupert was our one and only wee puppy, the rest have been "recycled" as adults :D We have fostered puppies for a friend though, so were back in the swing of things!

6th August 2009, 07:47 PM
They are beautiful...love their names:jmp2:
We have a little one just 4 days younger:)

heather r
6th August 2009, 08:40 PM
What adorable pupscl*pI imagine that the twosome is keeping you quite busy and entertained!

Congratulations and keep posting photos:w**h**:

Heather R

6th August 2009, 10:40 PM
Congratulations, Nikki. They are adorable!:lotsaluv:

6th August 2009, 10:44 PM
how lovely they are!!:l*v:
congratulations nikki.

am looking forward to a lot more photos........:)

9th August 2009, 05:40 PM
I am soooooooooo jealous. What precious babies, and what fun...

9th August 2009, 09:47 PM
Congratulations Bimmum too :D

We keep taking lots of photos, just haven't had time to process them and put them up!!!

Thank you for all the lovely comments

10th August 2009, 12:58 PM
THank you so much everyone - we are really thrilled with them.

We haven't had a baby puppy of our own for 13 years - Rupert was our one and only wee puppy, the rest have been "recycled" as adults :D We have fostered puppies for a friend though, so were back in the swing of things!

Soooooooooooooo pleased for you Nicki - N-JOY!!!!!:jmp::jmp::jmp::jmp::jmp:

10th August 2009, 01:11 PM
Congratulations Nicki...they are beautiful!

10th August 2009, 03:23 PM
They are gorgeous. Welcome back to puppyhood:p

14th August 2009, 08:19 PM
they are adorable!

oooh im broody looking at all these puppy piccies!:-D

Lady C
15th August 2009, 04:26 PM
Ah, double trouble...but quadruple the fun eh? I have just taken on 2 pups just 10 days difference in ages. It's hard work but so worth it!

18th August 2009, 03:19 AM
awww myyyy goddd i want them.. especially ur tri :)

tommy is so much like my faith too awww

18th August 2009, 12:12 PM
Wowww!!! They are both just tooo cute!! :lotsaluv:

I love the pics.

Congratulations on your new babies!