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13th August 2009, 08:00 PM
My friend Marie just had to let her old silver tabby Jaspar go, he was an old boy originaly from Australia that Marie brought home to England with her around 10 years ago along with her 2 other cats & 2 boxer x kelpies. I looked after Jaspar through his 6 month quarantine period & fell in love with him & became friends with Marie & her then husband.

Poor Jaspar hadnt been too well the last few months & tonight has gone over the bridge to be reunited with Sasha & Pheonix, the 2 cats Marie brought home & Daisy-Mae & Rolex the auzie dogs.

Sleep well old fella xxx

13th August 2009, 08:05 PM
So sorry for your friend..my son's girlfriend had to have her cat of 15 pts recently after a short illness, it was very upsetting for her.

My thoughts are with your friend at this time.