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Lady C
15th August 2009, 04:22 PM

You searched long and hard for the perfect breeder/resuce centre. You bought the collar, the leash, the doggy bowls and doggy bed and plenty of puppy toys for your new arrival. You’ve read up on training basics and stockpiled newspapers for house breaking……..and now what? Now you need a name for your new family member! You will use your dog’s name in excess of 35000 times...:paw:

I'm writing an article about dog's names and how they get chosen.....
I'd love to hear about your dog's names and how you came about choosing them. My most recent acquisition was called Tyson by his breeder and Cavies are really not 'Tyson's' in my mind, then I thought of Archie, but my husband didn't like it becasue it reminded him of the character in Eastenders:confused:! Then he went to Bumble coz he resembles a bumble bee (he's black and tan) and now we've settle on Louis (pronounced looooeeeee) coz all our other pups have names that end in eeeee (Buddy, Lilly, Penny and Charlie)!!!!:rah:

Get in touch.........I'm looking forward to hearing your stories of dogs past, present and future!(and cats or any other animal for that matter - my Rumblepuss is so called because his purr just rumbles like thunder!

Brian M
15th August 2009, 05:13 PM

My three girls are all flowers hence ,Poppy ,Daisy and Rosie and I did a recent post about my 8 cats at work all with names that refer to how they look apart from Mum cos shes the girl who started her little dynasty .:)

15th August 2009, 05:45 PM
Mine are names that seemed to fit when I first met them-none were puppies. My GR is Mollie, Freckles b'cuz of the "ticking", Annie, Dazzle(came with this name and it just fit this girl) and my temporary, Copper, who seems to love hearing his name. In real time they are often, Moll,Freckles Beckles,Annie Bananie, Razzle Dazzle and Copper Big Bopper :).

15th August 2009, 06:02 PM
Mindy was named when we got her at 8 months so we didn't change it. I came up with a list of names when we got Max and let hubby pick (he didn't argue when I told him I wanted a puppy so soon after our Golden's passing so I let him pick the puppy and the name). When I opened the picture the breeder sent me of her pups I immediately said "awww Rylie!". Until that moment I hadn't given names a second thought.

Love my Cavaliers
15th August 2009, 06:11 PM
Oliver had puppy jowls that reminded me of my grandfather Clem Oliver. Couldn't name him Clem, so Oliver it was! Riley was already named Celeste when we got her at 11 months, but neither my daughter nor I liked the name. She wanted Kiley, but I wasn't convinced so we started putting every letter in the alphabet before -iley and stopped as soon as we said Riley. Madison was named Sushi by the breeder but my daughter-in-law thought Madison was a better fit. And Oz is called "OZ, the Great and Powerful Weiner Dog" because it took a lot of convincing my husband to get #4. He said we could do it IF and ONLY IF we named it something the weiner dog (we used to have a german shepherd and he really liked big dogs so to him cavaliers are weiner dogs. And yes he does now love all four of our dogs). Couldn't leave it at that, so it became "OZ, the Great and Powerful Weiner Dog" The tricky thing was that for the first year, my husband also wanted me to introduce him by his full name to every person. Now, they're just called Oliver or Oli, Ri-Ri (long i sound), Maddie, and Oz.

15th August 2009, 06:24 PM
Hm.... My dog's both have two names, heh.

Chardonnay got her name because she's really prissy and nothing else would fit but even then; while on all of her records it says Chardonnay, she will only come to Puppy. When we got her from the shelter, her name was "Sweetie Pie" but that's the most wretched name so we obviously renamed her. She was regrettably called "Puppy" for about a month until we came up with a name. And by then, there was almost no use of trying to get her to come to Chardonnay - and that's too long to just say all the time.

Titus' real name will be "Vin du noir et blanc" which simply means "White and black wine" which just keeps with the wine theme. I like themes. But his call name, "Titus" came from the fact that he acts like a little man. I had considered Atlas first but I was more interested in having a suitable name that no one else had and I know dogs named Atlas. He likes to take things in his mouth, snatch them away, and trot off proudly. And his jaws make him look serious all the time, so somehow we popped up with Titus and it just works. He was meant to be a Titus.

15th August 2009, 06:26 PM
My boy Jasper (who is a blenheim) was named by my children when they were young after a cavalier (tri colour) that was on a children`s tv show.

15th August 2009, 07:09 PM
We'd chosen Maddie's name before we had even found a breeder. I wanted something two syllables and that could be shortened from a longer name. So originally she was going to be her affix then Madeline, but when I brought her home and put her down in the living room OH said "hello My Lady Madeline" so that's what became her KC name.
She's really funny, like a child, because she's Maddie for normal use, but if she's ignoring me I call Madeline (in my stern voice:D) and she stops what she's doing and comes over to me.:jmp2:

Pippin had really hairy feet from the start, like the hobbits in Lord of the Rings, so he is actually Peregrine Took (the youngest and most adventurous of all the hobbits) who is known as Pippin or Pip throughout the book.

If we ever get no. 3 we will probably stick with the hobbit theme.

heather r
15th August 2009, 08:16 PM
Our golden's Official name was based on breeders decision to have pups named based upon a theme of couchs(while she was driving the dam a couch fell off a truck in front of her). So Her official name is so fa so good. Her call name is Kelsi which is scottish for sea harbor in honor of her heritage.

Our cavalier is Abigail Adams. I had hoped for a more cape cod name such as salt water toffee but the breeder put an end to that. So her name honors the wife of our 3rd president and a native of our state.

Heather R

15th August 2009, 08:29 PM
My youngest named both of mine. Jasper was a name in a book she was reading at the time, and Gabby was from the film High School Musical where the lead character was Gabriella (sp) so Gabby for short :)

15th August 2009, 08:49 PM
My youngest wanted to name Rylie Brutus. I told him I'd give it consideration but I lied:D (he is only here for the summer so he doesn't REALLY get a vote in family matters). Actually in this case I was the only one with a vote that counted;). I do wonder if I should have called him Tigger because when he gets excited his does this vertical jumping thing (only other dog I've seen do this was a Jack Russell) or the energizer puppy because he just keeps going and going and going...........

15th August 2009, 09:15 PM
Ruby was called that when i got her & at 4years old i thought it a bit mean to change it-but its sooo obvious! i always say "i didnt call her that" but it is pretty:)
Jelly Tots was my childhood nickname. If she's naughty she gets Jelly Tottington!! mostly its J, Jels,Jelly or JJ, Rubes gets Ru Ru,rubes or rhubarb! Both answer to darling aswell:o & i always refer to them as "the girls" in conversation. Its quite funny being out & calling Jelly & Rhubarb,come on!

15th August 2009, 09:22 PM
Haven't posted in a while but this is great to hear how names came about. Our first Autumn was named because we got her in Sept. and the red matched the fall leaves. The next two, Brandi- named after my husbands first dog- Belle, to keep with the B (she was going to be Smores). The next Quincy was named after an uncle we lived with for 18 years and he had just died. He was named Ginger when we got him at 4 yrs old. That was because of the red. Our newest, Irie, is a jamaican word that is a greeting, and just means all things good. After losing Belle so suddenly I needed a name to cheer me up! Irie now answers to another name too- Wiggles which says it all!!

15th August 2009, 09:45 PM
My son named Daisy after Jessica Simpson's dog in Newlyweds!:(
He wants to name the next one Perry the Platypus after the character in the Phineas and Ferb cartoons....:eek:

15th August 2009, 09:47 PM
The rescue we got Zoe from had named all the puppies in her littler after flowers so there was Daisy, Poppy, Lily (now Zoe), and the Charlie (I dunno what kind of flower that is but it was the only non flower name). I liked Lily but she didn't look like a lily so I left Zoe's name mostly up to the kids but between the girls wanting Dora, Princess, or Tinkerbell and the boys saying Princess peach or Daisy (both from Super Mario Brothers), Zelda(also a idea game)... I don't remember who suggested Zoe (probably from sesame street) and by the time our 5 hour trip home was over we had all settled on it. Her full name is Princess Zoe to appease the girls.

I didn't name Sushi or Riley but our kitten is named Chunk. We picked it because he was the only kitten who survived and after getting that much milk from momma he got pretty chunky! It was a nickname but it stuck.

Lady C
16th August 2009, 08:55 AM
What a fantastic response!! Thank you all so very much!:jmp2:
There's some great names and fab stories there! so thank you all so very much.....please keep posting if you think of any more!! My article might even turn into a book at this rate! LOL:*nana:

16th August 2009, 02:49 PM
Leo's real name is Leonardo:jump:

He looked like the lion from MGM when he was born hence shortening it to Leo

I always say I'd like another three and I'd call them Michaelangelo, Raefiel and Donatello!


16th August 2009, 09:57 PM
My puppys name is Merry Mate on her papers but i changed it to ClaraBow i had this picked months b4 i bought her other names i was goin to call her were Candy Bella Or CoCo

18th August 2009, 04:21 AM
Chelsea was just a name I got stuck in my head when I got her.

Vivian was picked after i met her, I had originaly chose Lila, but when I saw how she ruled, chewed on her brothers and was generally a spicy girl, I looked at a site something like pet names or dog names and just went through picking some names. When I had the list and saw her in some pics I took at 4 weeks she sat looking at me from under her lashes or brows and I saw Vivan Leigh as Scarlet at the BBQ in the green and white dress with the same look I knew that was it. I even have a copy of that pic.

My cats had some interesting name stories. Candy had a littermate brother named Snickers,thought Candy looked like a candy bar, chocolate covered caramel with vanilla cream(she was a champagin Tonkanese) Tyson was tie-me-in-a-knot, had him for a few days when he climbed under (not behind) the frige. Almost broke my foot getting him out and wanted to tie him up. Kara had orange eyes when I got her, they are more yellow now and was named after carrot eyes.

Have fun.

18th August 2009, 05:14 PM
My mob are
Indie- she a leonberger proper name indigo as her mum was rainbow also wanted to be able to say in send aways in obedience Indie go
Kez- short for Kestrel as she was going to soar to the top in obedience agility and everything else she tried
Ollie- just cos he's a collie
Jazz is a tri cav short for Jasmine i thought a sweet flower name should make her a sweet liitle dog didnt work she was a very naughty puppy
Pip- vet called me he had a tiny cav pup that was too small to go with rest of litter and he was a little pip grown into a huge boy
Emily came with her name
Misty came with her name
Folly because i shouldnt really have kept her but she is black and tan and is my folly keeping her
Havoc- she causes it
Roger- got him as a 9yr old stud dog with no name and thats what he spent his life doing
Monty came with that name
Ike is like a hurricane

18th August 2009, 07:44 PM
my little lady is so called because when I got her I thought she looked so much like like disney's Lady and the Tramp, and also because she just looked so regal and so much like a Lady. i still think its the perfect name for her because not only does she really look like a Lady but everyone that meets her also say that it is the perfect fit.
But now having read all your lovely cavvie names for my next cav!! When will that be sigh!!

18th August 2009, 09:43 PM
My first Cavalier I named before I even got him...I just knew I had to call him Lancelot. I love the whole King Arthur mythos with the Knights of the Round Table. And Lance fit his name perfectly! My little pup I have now is named Tristan, another of King Arthur's knights. I don't think I'll go through all twelve knights, especially since some of the names are pretty weird, but I may get a little girl for my next Cav and she can be Guinevere! :D

18th August 2009, 10:29 PM
siennas name is Burnt Sienna of Woodville, and sienna sounded good to me, so i kept the name.

bella was called Claire, which to me is not a dog's name. so i renamed her.

kandis' 'real' name is Noisette, pretty but not easy to call.....
i asked my best friend, who very much wants a ruby cavalier, but works full time and for that reason has not enough time for a dog, to name her. kandis is perfect for this little girl...

frida's 'real' name is Nephrite. impossible to call, and makes me think of disorders of the kidneys:). so Nephrite was 'polished' into frida.

Brenda in SC
19th August 2009, 03:27 AM
Rudy (short for Rudolph) was named for the reindeer because he came to us just before Christmas. His walking buddy, a rescue also named Rudy is owned by a Brenda too. We make a great pair of Brendas and Rudys walking at the local park!

19th August 2009, 10:08 AM
My newest puppy Vanda, got her name because on her coat she has a very bright white 'V' shape and it is so obvious to see so we had to have a 'V' name we though Veesha, Vixen, Verity, Vara, Vala... etc.. even a few... Rude ones... But we liked Vanda the best so we chose that.

19th August 2009, 10:23 AM
I went to get Rosie (the breeders name was Rose) and ended up get her brother too so Jim was the automatic choice (rosie and jim rag dolls)
Poppy was another flower to go with Rosie and Ollie....... My husband wanted a new lens for his camera but I wanted another dog (I always win) so he said if he can't get his Olympus lens then I have to call our new addition Ollie as in Oly...mpus