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16th August 2009, 01:42 AM
Sorry if I am posting in the wrong area--but I couldn't post a new thread in the buying and preparing board. :confused:

I will be, God willing, bringing a cavalier puppy home sometime either late Sept or early October. I am SO excited that I am having the HARDEST time not shopping for her things. :D

I was at Petco, and I saw the most adorable (and softest) harness. But I had no one which size to buy! They are by weight. The sizes I have been considering is 3-4 pounds and 5-7 pounds.

Does anyone know how much a 10-week cavvie will weigh and how long will she be at that weight? Any help will be GREATLY appreciated!

16th August 2009, 11:14 AM
Initial posts are always moderated and just need to be approved, hence the initial post didn't appear right away.

Congrats on your new puppy and welcome to the board! There isn't really a typical weight for a cavalier puppy -- most would be about 5-ish pounds at the time you are talking about but depends on the litter size, the size of parent and grandparents, whether your pup was getting more milk than others... really you are better waiting til you bring her home. Keep in mind she CANNOT be walked outside until 2 *weeks* after her full puppy series of shots finish, or she will be at risk of distemper/parvo, major killer diseases for puppies -- so really you are not going to be using a walking harness til she is closer to 14-16 weeks, hence better to wait -- or get an inexpensive puppy harness to let her get comfy with one in the house and garden in the meantime. :)

They grow very fast so no point in spending a lot on puppy harnesses IMHO unless you have lots of money to burn. :lol: Typically will gain a pound every couple of weeks.

16th August 2009, 05:25 PM
Thanks for the GREAT advice! :) Don't worry, I wasn't planning on walking her outside until she is 16 weeks. I just wanted to put it on her in my backyard so that she will get use to it early on.

When I was a teenager, my first puppy was a golden , and when we started to take her (her name was Jewel) for walkes outside after she received all of her shots . . . let's just say Jewel was very rambunctious and liked to pull! Afterwards, I couldn't walk Jewel by myself until she was mid-age because of the pulling and my Dad was the only one who could walk her. :D

So I just thought I would get a head of the game this time.

I am so very excited to get started so you probably will be seeing a few questions from me in the future. :D