View Full Version : Free cardio clinic, Sept 26, Leicestershire

17th August 2009, 12:02 AM
In case people missed Kate H's post with this info it is here:


This is a great opportunity to get your cavalier's heart cardiologist checked by the club's own cardiologist. :thmbsup: This is well worth doing if people are in driving distance.

Kate H
17th August 2009, 07:48 PM
If you can't get to Leicestershire, you can enter your non-pedigree rescue Cavalier as Not For Competition at other Cavalier Club shows with free cardiology checks if you register them with the Kennel Club on their Activity Register. It costs 10 and is intended for dogs taking part in obedience, working trials, heelwork to music, agility, flyball etc. (nobody checks up that you're actually doing these activities!), but does mean you can take them to breed shows as NFC. As long as the KC have some way of tracing every dog at the show, they don't mind which register they're on. My Aled is on the Activity Register because I hope to work him in obedience, so I entered him NFC at the Club Ch show at Malvern for his heart check.

Kate, Oliver and Aled