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Karen and Ruby
21st August 2009, 12:08 AM
I was just wondering if anyone has found with Gaapentin that if you happen to give one of the tablets late one daay that it affects them

Ruby has 100mg 3 times a day- 1 at 7am, 1 at 4pm and 1 at 11pm
Today i was caught up at work until 5.30 and she didnt get her tablet until 5.45 but she has been very quiet and has the jitters- like she has ants in her pants is the only way I can best descriibe it!
Does anyone think it could be that we gave her meds late on (I should say that she has her Cimetidine at the same times every day so therefor it was late also)???
Maybe she is just having a bad day :(:confused:

21st August 2009, 12:14 AM
Gabapentin can leave the system after around 8 hours so getting the tablet late could definitely have affected her. But once she had it I don;t think she would still be reacting. What do you mean by 'jitters'? If you are concerned I'd take her to the vet in the morning. It may have nothing to do with her pain meds.

Karen and Ruby
21st August 2009, 12:25 AM
She acts as though she is bothered by something- when we are on our walks and she gets a leaf or twig stuck on her she twitches quickly round to it to try to get it off but she does this when there isnt anything on her. She is regularly de fleaed and wormed so it isnt that.
Shes also been scooting around and we had her glands checked last week end at the vets.
It just asthough she is agitated by something and all of a sudden she will stop and sit and just stare in to space for around 15 secs (its like she has lost herself).
Its hard to explain - its not like a fit or convulsions or anything on that scale!