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28th August 2009, 04:13 PM
Poor Poppy had a little mishap this morning. :(

i took them out on the field for their morning walk & poppy came running out of some long gras and flopping on the floor crying, i got her straight home and checked her over and couldnt find a sting or red mark any where.
thank god i decided to not go into work straight away - as i usually do, as she was very restless i sat and had a brew and kept my eye on her. for about 20 minutes she would lie still as though wanting sleep and then wake crying - she was uncomfortable & just not herself.

with in half an hour her lips went red & swelled as did her eyes. she then started to vomit quite badly, as the vets were still closed i drove her directly there and luckily they were opening as i got there.

they said that poppy had had an alergic reaction to something, possibly a sting or a bite. gave her some steroid, anti biotic & anti vomiting injections and she is now recovering.

what shocked me was that how long it took for her to become ill - i know half an hour isnt really long, but it was only the restlesnes that made me wait at home with her.

28th August 2009, 04:19 PM
Glad she is ok,i dread this happening.I allways worry when they chase bees and wasps.

28th August 2009, 04:34 PM
Oh dear, I hope she is ok now.

One of mine eats wasps (we have been plagued this year) and was stung once (swelled a good bit but no allergic reaction, went down in a day and was gone in two). I always thought they would react quicker than half an hour too, maybe 10 mins. Asked vet about it and they said that they can develop an allergy even if they have been stung before (and had no reaction with the first sting).

I hate the little buggers (wasps, not my dogs!), our phonebook has gotten more use this year than it's ever gotten with us smushing wasps.

Poppy was lucky you hung around, could have turned out much worse. Good on you for going with your instinct! ;)

28th August 2009, 07:44 PM
Poor little thing! At this time of year it would quite likely be a wasp sting or many of them. They are done building their nests etc and apparently are at their worst for stinging. Some nest at ground level and Leo has been attacked twice and stung many times. :( When one wasp starts to sting it releases a pheromone that brings the whole nest. So she could already have been in a lot of pain due to the stings and then had the allergic reaction on top. What good fortune that you stayed on and got her over to the vet as how would you ever have suspected or known about the later reaction? Both times leo has been stung it was out of hours for the vets!

28th August 2009, 11:01 PM
She got a bee sting a while ago in her paw that we had to remove, but didnt have a reaction at all.

I thought at first i was being paranoid, and i had rung my mum to see if she could have her the couple of hours i work, but then thought i will sit a while & see! thank God i did because once the reaction started it seemed to hit her pretty quickly, the redness then swelling then vomiting!

she is alot better tonight, a bit of a grumpy madame with Thor and seems very sleepy, but she has eaten her tea and is curled up again with her daddy!:D