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1st September 2009, 10:34 PM
i gave Jelly an empty pringles can this evening,she was having fun running about with it& i was on here so then i looked & she's scoffed about 1.5cms of it-will she be ok????Its not the card so much as the inner foil im worried about,theres no bits on the floor so she's eaten them:eek:
Plse note this is not a criticism of the pringles can as a toy! The rest of you must have less silly doggies & more eagle eyes than i!

Another thing i think is worth a mention is that this weekend my Aunt & i took my 2 & mums cav Isaac out,great time was had by all until we stopped on the seafront for a cuppa,we hadnt been there long(outside on the pavement tables & chairs area)& a man appeared with Isaac by the collar:eek::eek: Somehow he had managed to slip his step in harness!It is a tough one from PAH,wasnt broken or unclipped nor was it very loose,he's never done it before but it must have only taken him about 2mins to get outr of as 1 min he was under Aunties chair the next,in the time it took to pour tea he was in front of us with the man.Thank God he'd gone into the cafe & not towards the road

*another plse note,both my Aunt & i are responsible people honestly! Tho i doubt Isaac will get a going out pass with us againicon_blshingicon_blshing

1st September 2009, 10:51 PM
I would hazard a guess that it'll go in one side and out the other:)