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11th September 2009, 02:25 AM
Hi all -
Any advice for a new puppy owner (whose puppy digs) on an instant fence? We are lucky to have a 9 month old cavalier puppy to share our life with. She has such wonderful energy that we thought we should put up a fence of some kind so she can run free in the yard. The neighbors are using an Instant Fence (Petsafe Wireless) that only works on radio signals, no buried wires. They love it for their rat terrier, has anyone tried this? I could not find any info on this in a search of your site.

All of the following is the information given by the fence company: "The Petsafe Instant Fence is a revolutionary new concept that provides the safest, simplest form of pet containment ever. You plug in a transmitter somewhere inconspicuously in your home, and it emits a radio signal around your house. Your pet wears a lightweight receiver collar (3.5 oz) which listens for the signal. While it's receiving the signal, your dog is free to run and play. When the collar approaches the boundary of the signal area, it gives your dog a warning beep.

If your dog continues, he receives a light static energy pulse which is startling but not harmful. With a little training that is simple and quick, your pet quickly learns his boundaries. Setting the boundaries of your yard takes only a few minutes by adjusting the range on the transmitter, from a radius of just a few feet to up to 90 feet. Collar has 5 adjustable levels of correction, plus beep-only mode, low battery indicator, waterproof.

Since Petsafe Instant Fence is completely portable, you can take it and your pet wherever you go. So your pet is safe, and your mind is at ease."

11th September 2009, 09:10 AM
PLEASE PLEASE do NOT trust your beloved Cavalier's safety to one of these fences :eek:

If a dog is sufficiently scared or excited, they will easily escape and not be able to get back in again. Also it does NOT stop other dogs coming into your garden and possibly attacking your dog - or prevent anyone from stealing your dog.

YOUR PET IS NOT SAFE with one of these fences :(

11th September 2009, 11:28 AM
There have been other posts here about those "fences".
The "light static energy pulse" is a polite way of saying "electric shock".
I don't accept that those collars are humane or have any place in a loving caring home.Some people have bought them,a tiny minority have found them ok for a cavalier but my guess is that it'll traumatise and terrorise him so much that you'll have wasted your money and it'll be sitting in your garage until it goes in a yard sale.
Cavaliers have a loving and gentle temperament and this is not right for them.Just my opinion!
Do you have problems containing him in general or were just just considering this as your neighbor had recommended it?

11th September 2009, 04:57 PM
I hate them as well,if the dog goes through and remembers the shock,it would def. not come back to you.

12th September 2009, 06:58 PM
Agree with all the above. IMHO (and that of many trainers and all major shelters and animal welfare associations!) this is the worst possible approach to fencing a dog -- not only do these horrible fences often cause problems for the dogs themselves, behavioural and physical as they are shock fences -- they also are utterly useless at preventing anyone and anything from walking right up and stealing or attacking your dog. :( Cavaliers are a major target for thieves in every country so please, please do not use an electric fence. They are an indoor breed anyway and should not be left unattended outside. :thmbsup: The other HUGE issue is that all i takes is one time for your dog to run through that fence -- and after the shock, your pup is never going to come back through the shock but just keep right on running. Ask any pound about how may dogs come in with electric collars for such fences around the dog's necks! This is a regular ocurrence -- the dogs bolt and that is the last the owner ever sees of their much loved pet. :(

12th September 2009, 07:48 PM
I agree with everybody. I have a privacy fence for my 3 & I still don't leave them out unattended. No guarantees that an electric shock will keep your dog from disappearing.

12th September 2009, 09:06 PM
I have to agree...my walls are six foot high in the back garden and mine are not allowed out there when no one is home.

I also think these fences are a cruel way of controlling any dog.

13th September 2009, 08:58 AM
It doesnt cost alot to get some good fencing put in.

Mom of Jato
13th September 2009, 02:09 PM
We have a 4 foot wood fence around our back yard. That is what I would recommend. The dogs love to run around while we enjoy sitting on the patio watching them have their fun.

Daisy's Mom
13th September 2009, 11:04 PM
It doesnt cost alot to get some good fencing put in.

Although I agree with everyone's opinions of invisible fences, I have to say I heartily disagree with the above statement! At least in the U.S., fences are incredibly expensive, and if you live in a neighborhood (like ours) where there are lots of covenants and restrictions on fence types, sizes, locations, etc., they are often crazy-expensive. I paid $11,000 to fence in a medium-sized back yard with a 4 ft. white vinyl picket fence when we got Daisy. I'm very happy I did, I don't complain about it, and I never considered an invisible fence, but the fact was that it hurt, financially, a lot! :eek:

heather r
14th September 2009, 08:12 PM
Agree with thoughts about wireless fences. If you are lucky to be in area without covenants anyone ( my husband did) can put in a post and beam fence and line it with green mesh fencing. He put in a couple of gates he made but these can be purchased separately. The total cost was about $700 and other dogs can't get in. We do watch our dogs when they are out due to presence of fox and coyotes.

Heather R

15th September 2009, 08:40 AM
You can buy the kit form here of wire fencing.Its act.fairly cheap.How about a second hand one.

19th September 2009, 10:32 PM
Hi, check ur messages, i have pm'd u re the fence....some very good sound advice...no no no...but please read my message....congrats on new puppy :)