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15th September 2009, 03:18 PM
Referral on Dogs Today to this site. Videos of Jemima H and Dr.Bateson re: PDE. Very interesting


15th September 2009, 04:03 PM
I have just been able to listen to both Jemima Harrison and Professor Bateson's comments.

One of Professor Bateson's comments was that Dog Breeding will never be able to go back to what it was like before Jemima Harrison's PDE TV Film.That is a Wake up Call ,that Breeders just did'nt want to know about their Breeding Practicies for years beinh known about.,did'nt like the Intrusion.

That the Public is now aware of the Issues.

Particular mention was made about SM.

That ,and I had not realized this ,that IN-BREEDING is Breeding Grand -Father to Grand-Daughter ,what a lot of this has been going on for years in the Cavalier World. That this type of Breeding ,at some-time this will catch up on the Breed, are the Cavaliers now paying the Price in to-day's Cavaliers.

That some Breeders as long as they win at Shows ,this is for Self Interest,then there is the .money aspect, their Breeding Stock can have many Puppies,this can give those Breeders a good in-come, that is more important to them than helping the Health of their Breed.

He finally said ,that there will be changes made, but maybe need to wait till the Die Hards go, and that there are nasty People out there .

That he hopes to finish the Report by the End of October , Revised by an independant Reviewer by Xmas, and a big Publicity Launch in January ,but he did say that the pressure must be kept up.