View Full Version : Dublin region: 2 5 yr old brothers: together

19th September 2009, 06:28 PM
Bertie and Charlie are two cavalier brothers from a family home, who need a home together only. Once I have more information and pictures, I will add them to www.ckcsrescue.com. :)

If you are interested in giving these two fellows a home together, PM me. They have been around young children and would be fine in a family home with kids.

29th September 2009, 03:34 PM
Ok got the info on these guys and will post once I also have their ICR website profiles up as well. These are a great pair -- housetrained homebodies, both happy tri boys!

29th September 2009, 07:41 PM
Well, older rescue dogs are a bit of a different proposition than puppies! Some prefer to start with a puppy and some prefer an older dog. :)

29th September 2009, 09:46 PM
Well, I don't think it's right to have a dog outside most of the time, regardless of breed -- this is a very lonely life for a very social animal, and imagine how boring it would be to be alone outside all day? Also she would run the risk of becoming aggressive to other dogs unless she is out meeting them every day on walks. Dogs left like this tend to start annoying neighbours and become destructive because all they can find to occupy themselves is barking at far off noises and chewing, digging etc. If neighbours report a barking dog it becomes a matter for the dog wardens and pound.

I'd bring them both in as inside dogs and consider whether you can manage two (a dog protecting the yard is not much use -- it is the insde of the house most people want protected by a barking dog when someone comes to the door or window!). She'd be OK with two shorter daily walks and playtime in the garden -- a game of tug or fetch for example. Or mix that in with a daily obedience practice session or try teaching her (and your cavalier) some tricks -- a dog's mind needs exercise just like its body. A cavalier will need daily walks too, but again you could manage this as two shorter walks.

Keep in mind that with two dogs you will need to do either two shorter walks together or four separate walks! If you want to rehome your golden mix the time to do so is now while she is young and more easily homeable. I recommend contacting Inistioge Puppy Rescue in Kilkenny as I am sure they could help, if you decide to go this route. Brenda who runs it could probably find someone to help with transport. Don't forget you will have these two dogs for the next 10-14 years so take on only what you know you can manage. :thmbsup: