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Brian M
23rd September 2009, 02:55 PM

A further report ,rather than go to the vets with them last night I phoned and told Mr Shepherd the girls are no better but thankfully Rosie and Lily remain OK and I asked if we should continue with Trimacare 80 which he agreed so this morning I popped out of work and collected another weeks supply for each of them ,he also advised that if Lily remains healthy to go ahead with her spay on this Friday but I am rather inclined to postpone for another week for a just in case reason.Dawn phoned me half an hour ago and told me that poor Pops and Daisy are if anything getting worse rather than better and should I take them back for another injection (of whatever it was ) I shall phone and ask for advice again and if needed I can take them back as in each examination room they have a separate entrance so people don't have to go through the waiting room ,but the longer it goes of course the more worried we all get also last night while waiting for Luke to finish one of his lessons in L/pool I was speaking to tupup on the phone and Pops had a coughing bout which tupup could hear
down the phone so she is also aware how the little girls are suffering.:(

23rd September 2009, 06:01 PM
Oh, this must be so worrying for you all. I hope it goes well at the vets :xfngr:

It could be viral KC, thus the reason they don't seem to be getting better on the antibiotics. Seems strange that the other two would not have gotten it if it is KC because it is so contagious (could just be a stroke of luck though!). Hope your girls are feeling better soon - keep us updated!

23rd September 2009, 06:39 PM
Hi Bri, any news,have you spoken to the vet today about poss injection? Out of interest have either of the girls coughed themsrelves to vomit? Jelly started coughing in the night(& i wouldnt have known it was a cough if i hadnt heard poor Poppy on the phone:()(it sounded more like clearing throat in Jels,Pops is more pronounced)then she was sick but nothing since.
If your gut instinct is to forward Lily's op then do,a week longer shouldnt matter to her spay?
PS.meant to ring you today but as you know we were at eye man for Ruby-all good & now we're running out to puppy class so i really hope her cough was a one off,if she does it again im ringing our vet.Arnt they a worry.
I hope the girls are having a better evening:)

heather r
23rd September 2009, 08:50 PM
Brian, so sorry that your two girls are still ill. I also find it strange that the other two haven't shown any symptoms but I believe you are wise to hold off on Lily's spaying until you are sure all are well.

Heather R