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Brian M
26th September 2009, 02:10 PM

Apart from the ups and downs over Lily's Spaying yesterday after I dropped her off at the Vets for her operation which as we now know was aborted at the last minute I went on to work as normal to carry on with my daily routine till it was time to go get Lily later that day .so I do what I normally do on a Friday morning check on line to see what I have spent on my C/Card that week (assorted dog food ,diesel etc ) and then pay it off ,but yesterday I had a figure in my mind of 250-300 but it was showing I owed mbna 4244.77 :confused:then upon checking in detail it said I had paid a building company in London 3979.00 and downloaded from itunes for 15.00 ,not me folks so at 10.00 am Friday on to the card company and then onto their fraud dept and had the card cancelled and asked for the transactions to be investigated.So at home later I checked online again and a further 25 to itunes had gone on during yesterday so back on the phone to them and asked what time did those trans happen ,8.06 pm says the man ,I said the card was cancelled by you at 10.00 am so how can these trans have gone through mmmmm says the man I don't know .Back onto the fraud dept at 9.00 am today go through the full scenario again and the card is now fully stopped he tells me I should not be liable and I have his assurance on this mmmmm says me .
Pls all be careful this is the second time its happened with me and I am as careful as most ,and all this could take another 45 days before I finally know its cleared up so pls all take care on line .
Off course this was going on when my mind was a bit scrambled over my poor little girl Lily ,and on the K C front todays score is Pops 2 and Daisy ,Rosie and Lily 0 also I must say Portsmouth 0 Come on u Blues ,Everton 1:)

Daisy's Mom
26th September 2009, 03:32 PM
Hi Brian,

I had a very similar thing happen to me last month. The credit card company actually called me to question the charges, though, thank goodness. Someone had used my card number twice in Alabama, even though the card was still in my wallet and had never left my possession (except for giving it to waiters, which I do, but don't really like doing.)

The guy at the CC company said it is likely that one place I used the card with a self-swiper had a data gathering device attached to the swiper and they collected my CC number and data and they used it to generate a fake copy of my card.

They did take the three fraudulent charges off my account and they are under investigation. And, of course, they cancelled that card account. It was very upsetting and also annoying because they had just reissued me a new CC number a couple of months before because they said there had been a security breach and my CC number may have been compromised. I had to contact all the companies that automatically charge to my credit card monthly (including Daisy's PetCare insurance.) So I had to go through al that rigamarole again with about 6 different companies!

I'm glad they are acting on it. It's scary that the card was still used AFTER they told you it was closed. Good luck on them getting it all sorted out for you.

Love my Cavaliers
26th September 2009, 04:26 PM
It's sad but I bet almost everyone on CT can tell a similar story about either themselves or someone else they know. Hasn't happenend to me, but I did have to call the credit card company when I was at a store making a purchase to see why my card was denied. They said someone had just used it one minute before to make some on-line purchases and they flagged my purchase because they didn't see how I could be two places at once. Turns out my daughter had used it to buy her school books on-line. I had given her the number but didn't know when she was going to make the purchase. Although it was annoying, I was happy to know that they were on top of things. I'd rather have them check than have to deal with fraudulent purchases.

My dad gave a hotel clerk his credit card when checking in and the clerk must have made a copy of his number since he charged thousands of dollars of items on-line, but was then stupid enough to have the items shipped to his home address. I think he gets the stupid crook of the year award. My dad was not responsible for any of the charges. Good luck Brian.

Margaret C
26th September 2009, 04:35 PM
There is some nasty people about.

I have just found out my new disabled tax disc has been stolen.:swear:

I get my car through the Motability Scheme, & last week replaced the old disc just before the car needed to go in for servicing.

As you are suppose to keep motability cars in reasonable condition, and it was covered with dogs hairs inside, I asked my husband to take it to get the interior cleaned at Tesco's.

We can only guess that someone at the garage or the car cleaning service stole the disc. It will be a nuisance replacing it, but at least it won't cost me anything.

Thank goodness I do not keep my blue disabled badge in the car. I have heard they sell for about 1,000 in London.
I would find life hard without mine.

26th September 2009, 08:27 PM
It happen to me last year I was doing some shopping and they would not pay rang the bank got it sorted next day new card
--Aileen and the gang (Barney---Jazzie---Jake)