View Full Version : Thank you to all those who came to WHAM show from me

1st October 2009, 01:48 PM
I am Natalie, one of the organisers of Woofers Hounds and Mutts fun dog show that was held last Sunday (27th sept).

I wanted to thank those of you who took time to come along and support us and help raise 1500 for charity.

I have had Cavvies most of my life , although currently we have a Labrador, Utonagan & Scruffy Sprocket dog:D the latter 2 from rescue.

Our previous 2 Cavvies, Sam (Blenheim) and Josh (Tri) both died at the beginning of the year a month apart, but both were a grand old age of 11 and 12 yrs old.

Sam & Josh


Sam sufffered from a heart condition as did Josh, but fought bravely with their condtion and never let it get them down.

Before Josh and Sam we had Brandy, he was a smashing Blenheim boy who we got as a rehome, he was my constant companion as a teenager and we did obedience with him and he was fantastic and such a quick learner, he too sadly had to be PTS when his heart condition got too bad, he was only 9yrs old when we lost him.

Anyway, i absolutely love the breed and one day maybe we will have another.

1st October 2009, 03:13 PM
Thank you Natalie, we had a great time. :D

2nd October 2009, 11:15 AM
It was a great day.

CONGRATULATIONS on the amount raised,
Thats great.