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2nd October 2009, 10:04 PM
Hi all I am new to this so bear with me please. I have to cavvys. Ollie is a year old next week and Millie is 4 months. The main problem I have at the moment is that Mille is weeing everywhere and when she does it at night Ollie then does it in the same spot. Ollie trained really easily but Millie is proving a little more difficult, people say its because she is a girl is this true? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.:confused:

3rd October 2009, 11:46 AM
Have you had her to the vet to check for a urinary tract infection? You need to eliminate this possibility first. :thmbsup: Then: have you neutered your male? He is marking on top of your female's urine as a natural behaviour -- this isn't the same as actually relieving his bladder though you need to deal with it the same way: eg: totally go back to the basics of housetraining. He needs more supervision so that he doesn't have the ability to pee where she has gone, and she needs to be under far greater supervision if she is easily able to go on her own as she pleases. She is still just a baby and needs to be either confined, on a lap, asleep or at arm's reach and always easily able to get her outside the second you see her preparing to go. :) More important: she should NEVER be weeing inside during the night. Her young age suggest she still needs someone to get up in the small hours and take her out. It is common to need to do this when puppies are young -- if no one did this with her she has no idea she is supposed to hold it or be taken outside... and so is going inside. Where are you keeping them? I think you will need to get up at take her out and reward her for her potty break, at say 3-4 am or so to break this problem or she may never be dry inside overnight.

I have a lot of great links on housetraining in the Library section and also every one of the training links pinned at the top of the training section have advice on housetraining (which boils down to: 100% supervision 100% of the time and total control (eg management) when you cannot provide supervision.).

Girls aren't any more difficult but puppies like children vary greatly in how quickly they catch on and we as owners often are not giving a clear message. Most puppies need til about 6 months to be reasonably good at housetraining and can be expected to have occasional accidents up to age 1. The vast majority of owners make the same mistakes: they assume a puppy can be trained faster than they really can and hen they assume the pup is housetrained well before it actually is, for example because the pup has no accidents for a week. We know how long toddlers need help and supervision during potty training and puppies are the same -- they need a positively reinforced message, and never punishment.

This is an excellent FREE download of a well know book on puppy training which I highly recommend for all aspects of training and care :):


That should prove really helpful on training too. :w**h**:

But first I suggest getting your female pup to the vet. Training won't help if she is being driven to wee frequently and everywhere due to a UT and these are very common signs of an infection. If left untrated a UTI typically will turn into a more serious kidney infection so be sure to get an all-clear.

Incidentally the problems you are seeing are why generally it is recommended when at all possible to wait til the first dog in a home is 18 months or older, ideally, before getting another puppy -- the first dog is still quite young at one and often will regress rather than serve as a role model for the young pup. It can be hard to convince people of this til they experience some of the issues that do arise. :lol: Just keep in mind you need to give the two equal and separate time each day which will help with the housetraining and training of all sorts. :)