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3rd October 2009, 09:11 PM
Hi all,
in the last week Jelly has taken to putting the brakes on towards the end of our walks.on the way home i was thinking was she scared of the now dark street we walk down to get home but she's started to do it at lunch when its time to return to work(after play,walk,training for 45mins approx)(tho sometimes we havnt actually been far due to sniffing etc!)Today she did it as we were crossing the road so i had no option but to drag her across & i could hear her little nails on the ground:( our walk home is maybe 10mins with extra time for toilets & sniffing.The only thing that has changed recently is we are working on lead training from class-positive based,loose lead=treats & much praise,pulling=little pull back then praise.So when she stops ive coaxed,given treats but she eats the treat & stops again,my instinct is saying not to pick her up but i need to know what is the answer please? I know i need to stop it before it becomes a habit

Kizzys Mum
3rd October 2009, 09:48 PM
Kizzy went through a phase of this when we had builders across the road (she didn't like the noise). Our trainer advised not to drag her, but to stop when she stops, keeping the lead tight (but not too tight!) and waiting until she gives a little (you can feel a change in the lead). All of this is done without looking or talking to her. Then carry on walking when you feel with give in the lead, and repeat as necessary! It worked for us and Kizzy is a lot happier going past the building site now.

3rd October 2009, 10:50 PM
Hi, I don't want to worry you but my 5 year old Chaos does this all the time now. I am still not sure if it is connected to her having SM but she does not keep stopping when she is off lead. I walk the dogs for an hour every morning and at first I put the fact that she kept stopping and would not move down to something like a particular part of the walk like shadows and if you called her to you she would come for a treat. Also if I gave her lead to one of my friends and walked on in front then she would run to keep up with me. However I now think that she stops because she is in pain, it is like something in her brain switches off, and she only moved because wanting the treat overcame her reluctance to move. I have now had to give up forcing her to walk when she does not want to and she has a stroller which she loves. When she feels like walking for a bit she stands up and I lift her out, when she has had enough she stops still again and I put her back in it. Sometimes if I wait just holding her lead she will eventually move a bit but quite soon stops again. Sometimes when we get home in the car she can't even walk down the path to the house, other times there is no problem and she runs down it.
I sincerely hope that I am wrong and that this stopping whilst walking has nothing to do with SM, maybe someone else has some other ideas.

3rd October 2009, 11:00 PM
I think it is a good idea for anyone to keep in mind that odd behaviour may indicate pain, and if it continues, to have that checked, whatever the age of the dog. :thmbsup: In a very young dog, if this were pain-related, pain might perhaps being related to patellas; I think it's unlikely to be related at her age to something as serious as SM, but Jacies's observations may give some help and insight to others including those who know they have SM dogs.

However in this case, I agree with the suggestion from Kizzys Mum -- that seems a good, positive approach to take. I remember that Jaspar went through a phase where he'd just stop when he was young-- and he has nothing wrong with his knees and is clear of SM so who knows, it just seemed a phase! I'd not drag her but in a risky situation like being in the middle of the road I'd simply pick her up. Dragging is only likely to make walks associated with unpleasantness, if you think about it from her perspective. so I'd just give her her time.

I'd also talk to your class instructor as a good person for advice -- I'd think luring with the treat so she moves is a better idea than feeding it to her as soon as she starts to move. Ian Dunbar has some great info on luring on Dogstardaily.com and in his books. Usually if you are using treats in loose lead walking, you keep moving and display a treat, occasionally giving it to the dog bit them producing another. Perhaps she has actually learned to stop to train you to produce a treat? Also how big are the treats? They should be tiny -- like a cube of cheese half a cm across. That way the dog doesn't need to stop to eat the treat. I use dry cat food for rewards often, as it is tiny but the dogs love it. It can be harder to lure a small dog as they are so low. If she has a favourite toy or squeaky toy thee can make great lure/rewards too rather than food (or always food).

4th October 2009, 06:50 PM
Thank you for the replies:)
So far today she hasnt done it but she did last walk last night, i picked her up & took her to near our door,she was on a flexi that was not *locked* & jels just ran to our door however as we had set off back the flexi was *locked*
I should clarify why i had to drag her yesterday lunch was because i was carrying(SM) Ruby at the time,she was tired otherwise i would have carried Jelly over the road,poor love.
I think there could be a little trying to train me to give treats as Karlin mentions & maybe she's not happy being on a locked flexi? She is only a baby & has had 6months of dragging me at top speed on an unlocked flexi to her hearts desire:rolleyes: So could it be she's not happy with new restrictions/learning manners.
Next time she does it i will try the waiting with no coaxing & keep treats in my hand at all times-thank you for helping
Ps ive cut all treats up into teeny bits now,Ruby thinks the world is at an end lol!!