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7th October 2009, 12:06 PM
In case this is not noticed on the UK CKCS Club Web Site .

It has just appeared to-day, with new wording,

The CLUB has recently introduced a slightly more Formal System for placing a Dog on it's Register .

A Form NEEDS to be completed ,this form includes details of any Health Certificates that may have been obtained for the Parents ,so that Prospective Puppy Buyers can have more information before visiting a possible.

If a Cavalier Club Member wishes to add their Cavalier to the Club's Register ,this form has to be down- loaded and sent to the Club Puppy Co-Ordinator

Nothing can be plainer than this, a Prospective Cavalier Buyer will now know asto whether a Cavalier 's Sire and Dam has a Certificate showing that they have or have not a Certificate for having been Tested for Heart and Eyes.