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9th October 2009, 12:40 AM
Hello everyone. I have a 15 week old Tri who is doing excellent. Had for about a month now. She has learned, the usual commands : sit, stay, lie down. When we go in the elevator she sits patiently & waits until I say ok to leave after the door opens. (we live in condo unit). Outside in the park she has to sit when another dog comes by until I say ok it's safe. Now having a pup I can see where a lot of people don't train there dogs very good. They're practicly pulling their owners over. I'm fortunate enough that I have spent 24-7 w/ my dog the last month-ish. Anyway, if I got another one (it's 9 weeks) is there any chance of them NOT "buddying up?". Would my dog now, Mrs. Beasley, get jealous or is she too young to understand that? Can they both use the same grate? I can adjust it's size.These dogs are like pringles potato chips. You can't have just one! lol. Both would be females. Any input would be appreciated thanks.

9th October 2009, 12:46 AM
They are wonderful, but I think you would be making a big mistake to do this now and that yes, it would not be fair to your first dog who has not even had time to go through all her growing and maturing phases with your focus on her alone. Believe me, you will have a much harder time giving full attention to two puppies at the same time and the first will be the one to suffer because the younger dog will need more attention and time. I would STRONGLY recommend waiting to get a second dog until your first cavalier is at least a year old and has been through bsic obedience, is fully housetrained, and has had time to get your full attention until she is an adult. Two at this age are NOT easier than one; they are significantly harder to manage.

Breeders and trainers generally say wait til the first is 18 months minimum. Adding a second puppy means a nightmare of trying to housetrain two at once. A second young dog means you need to give equal, SEPARATE time to both every single day and manage them separately much of the time. It really is not the best route to go for either dog.

For detailed reasons and guidance, read:




If you are adding a second, I would also strongly recommend they ONLY come from MRI-scanned parents who have been cardiologist (not vet!) heart cleared. See:


9th October 2009, 01:39 AM
Thank you for being my voice of reason. You're absolutely right. It's so darn easy to caught up in their sweetness isn't it? Looking over at my husband cuddling with Mrs. Beasley (sometimes we call Beezer for short) as she sleeps, I see she really is still so little and needs me. I mean REALLY NEEDS me. She's still so new into her little life and I've probably been the most stable envoirment she's had for the most part. She's here for good now. A quick question if I may Karlin. I've noticed some pups younger than her already have their "slippers" and "skirts" nicely full for so young while ours has barely started hers. (just a wee bit) Does this mean she will be a little more straight haired than some of the other Cavaliers? Her fur up the back up the leg in in pretty good though as well as her ears of course. Thanks for everything.

9th October 2009, 02:09 PM
Your puppy will not get her full coat until nearly two years old. Some puppies have a kind of puppy fluff coat, which they will lose before getting their adult coat. This fluffy coat is not necessarily any indication of what they will look like as adults. Your puppy is probably just as she should be for her age, and I wouln't worry at all.

I agree totally with what Karlin has said. It will be much more rewarding for both you and your puppy if you concentrate on each other for the next year at least before buying another pup.

You want your puppy to bond with YOU! (and vice versa) If you get another pup now, what could happen is your pup will bond with the other pup, and stop concentrating and wanting to learn from you and please you quite so much; as there will be the distraction of a playmate with four legs and full of mischief!!!:eek::eek:

You would definitely have your work cut out. Just enjoy your puppy to the full. It will be worth it.:)

9th October 2009, 06:58 PM
i am sure that it is a good decision to wait wit the next puppy!
i got two of my girls at the same time as puppies, they are littermates. and i can tell you that it was a tremendous job, for which i had been prepared, but still....
two puppies to housetrain, two puppies to socialise (individually, of course) two puppies to leash-train, to teach self-contol and control of their impulses(also individually)..........and all they see and focus on is each other, and having all the fun together....:lpy:

later, when they were a bit older there wre two hunters in spe to anti-hunt-train (again individually).

i will probably not do it again...:)

10th October 2009, 06:30 PM
I do see everyones point however we got Sam and 3 months later we got Charlie and they are mad about each other. We had no issues. We made the right decision for us because we got the pups in Oct 07 & Jan 08, got married in 08 and are now due a baby and if we didnt get the two then we wouldnt do it now. It was allot of work cleaning up, training etc but they love each other and never like to be apart. Make the decision based on your circumstances, you will always have issues with pups as they are all different but once you love the dog and stick to the training etc you will do fine. Im glad we got ours when we did because now they are older and more settled it will be easier when baby arrives to get them used to her or him.

11th October 2009, 11:07 PM
Thanks everyone for your opinons and advice. Thinking about this & seeing how others have handled their decesions to add to the family, I have decieded to get 3 more pups so I can have one of each of kind. HEE HEE lol. C'mon, I know you were reading that with your mouths hanging open lol. Actually, with my husband having health problems our Tri is going to be pleanty to handle. I'm so happy with the way she is coming along but it is for sure, A LOT of work. If I had the room and a nice backyard in reality I would love one of each. They're just so beautiful. Have a great weeks friends.

12th October 2009, 10:35 AM