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9th October 2009, 06:19 PM
Hello , I've recently bought my first 2 Cavaliers (Ruby - a 4 month old ruby bitch and Riley a 3 month old blenheim dog) They are fine together but when they are around other dogs / puppies Ruby is fine but Riley becomes very scared , tail between his legs turning away and cowering in a corner !!! I thought that this could just be a temporary thing until he got used to being around other dogs but we've had him a month now and tried puppy socialization classes and mixing with friends and family's dogs but he's not getting any better.
Is it usual for a puppy to be this timid? All of the other puppies I've seen at home and at puppy classes have had a much greater interest in other dogs.


9th October 2009, 08:41 PM
No this isn't how a puppy should behave. A good trainer at the socialisation classes should be able to advise? To be honest, having two young puppies makes addressing this a greater challenge. he needs at least as much time alone as he does with your other puppy for example -- needs to work on his confidence, needs continued socialisation probably with some help from a good trainer (rewards based, NEVER 'corrections' based, using choke chains etc).

He will either be this timid due to genetics (ie this is unfortunately, his temperament) or due to his initial exposure (or lack of same) to the world by his breeder. Good breeders make sure puppies meet lots of other people, dogs, pups and so forth. If he was homed earlier than 8 weeks (ideally, older than that 9-16 weeks, the later the better) or was removed from his mother and siblings too young this also generally causes problems with socialisation that are challenging to address.

Because you have two puppies at the same time, you have a much greater challenge ahead -- especially with one very timid pup. For detailed reasons and guidance, read:




In general I'd recommend getting him back on his own, not with your other puppy, into a good, rewards based socialisation class and get some expert guidance so that you can work on this now while you have the best chance of tackling it. I'd look for a CPDT certified instructor. If this is a really ingrained behaviour, you will need to make adjustments to make the world comfortable for him -- but without hiding him away. That's why working with a professional is a good idea. :thmbsup:

I'd also search 'shy dogs' or similar on the site as there are a few previous threads over the years with recommended books etc. For example www.deesdogs.com has an excellent handbook for working with shy dogs. Anything recommended on www.dogstardaily.com and www.sitstay.com will also be an excellent choice.

Also with two pups so close in age, of opposite sex, be sure you spay/neuter at an appropriate age. This is more of a responsibility when they are so close in age and could mature unexpectedly leading to a litter. This will get very tricky in about two months. Your vet can advise on this issue and how best to manage it.

11th October 2009, 11:14 PM
I was inquiring about getting a second pup. My oldest is 16 weeks. I deceided not too personally but one thing i did learn along the way is that EACH pup needs special time with you and in it's training. Not always having them do things together. I know one is a lot of work & can only imagine how much effert the two takes. Like I said, I'm just learning but was wondering if you have been taking time for each dog. I hope everything works out for you. The dogs are individuals with their own personalities. I have 2 daughters 12 & 17 and how different they are! You'd be suprised they're even sisters. I imagine it's somewhat like that with the pups too. Good luck!