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10th October 2009, 03:01 PM
Jasper had his heart scan yesterday and it confirmed what his vet thought the previous week when he had his ECG. On his discharge instructions it said and we were also spoken to by the vet and nurse that both his main valves on each side of the heart are distorted and leaking and this has caused blood to back up in the left atrium causing it to become distended, and the distended left atrial chamber is the source of the abnormal beats. He goes back in a months time, he still stays on the same medicine, the nurse was telling us that they have a lot of cavaliers like this and even far worse than Jasper have a good quality of life, they can see he enjoys life and just to carry on a normal, but she did say it was good that he has stayed nice and slim so we just have to hope and pray that it does not progress too quickly.

Karen and Ruby
10th October 2009, 11:13 PM
Oh Im sorry to hear that but you know now which is important and he will get exactly the care and meds he needs!
Keeping slim is deffinatly the aim and Im sure with all your care and love he will be just fine!
I understand how nerve racking it is waiting- we have an ECG on wed for chezza and im very nervous for him!
Jasper is a seniour isnt he??


11th October 2009, 09:40 AM
I agree it is good to know but like you say hard to wait, Jasper is 9 1/2 but it does not make it any easier, he has been blessed with good health except for a visit to vets with a grass seed in his ear and a mystery tummy trouble about 4 years ago, I do forget that he is a senior because he really does`nt look his age I guess because he has never been big, people can`t believe he is 9, I went into the breed knowing about MVD but you just hope that it will never happen to your cavalier so we will love and cherish him all we can. Hope everything goes well for your boy next week, I know he is so young to have these problems.

Brian M
11th October 2009, 01:28 PM

i am sure with the amount of love and care that you shower on him he will have nothing but the best attention that he would have anywhere in the world.

Best Wishes to You Both

Sincerely brian:):thmbsup::flwr::flwr: