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24th October 2009, 12:06 PM
Thursday I left for work at 11.45 and all the dogs were fine, DJ came to the door to say goodbye as he always does. My husband came in at lunch and he was fine.

When my son came in later and then my husband arrived home at 4.30 he was still ok but about 5.30 he started to vomit and then wouldn't leave his bed.

When I arrived home at 6.20 he came to greet me but wasn't himself and then went back to bed. After we had dinner he hid under the table and wouldn't come out. Then he kept going from his bed to under the table or wanted to be lifted up...he usually doesn't like to be held. He started retching and then coughing around 7.15 so I called my vet right away..he wasn't there but the nurse spoke to the other vet on call who told me to take him in straight away.

He was really out of sorts as there was another dog in the vets and he didn't even react and he doesn't like strange dogs!
The vet thiinks he may have eaten something that didn't agree with him as his tummy seemed really sore. I don't know how as we always watch him, but last week Gus got a chicken bone a bird dropped while flying over the garden and my husband had to struggle to get it off him! The vet agreed we can't control the skies! It's so annoying though as they only go out to the back garden for short times alone and always when someone is here.

Anyway the vet gave him an injection to stop the vomiting and an antibiotic injection. She also did his anal glands. She gave me some liquid medicene and antibiotic tablets to start from today until wednesday. She was so good and kept kissing him and telling him he was very brave. He wouldn't settle all night and kept finding somewhere to hide or running to me to be hugged (he climbs up and rests his head beside yours or on your shoulder).

My son went downstairs to check on him an hour after I went to bed and he was under the chair in the kitchen, so I took him up to bed and he slept between my husband and me all night :).

He is much better today back to his old self nearly and delighted to be on a chicken and rice diet until monday.

Sorry for the long post ...just felt so sorry for my little man and wanted to tell someone :(

24th October 2009, 12:21 PM
We watch ours all the time too and when things like this happen it makes you feel so guilty. Molly is a monster for grubbing around the flower beds looking for something she can eat. We have been caught out too! DJ is lucky to have such caring parents and I am really pleased he is on the mend.:)

24th October 2009, 12:24 PM
Well as reading that I was preparing myself for a bad ending, I don't like to start my day on a sad note. So glad that DJ bounced back ok.

24th October 2009, 12:40 PM
Ohhhh poor DJ -- that must have been a fright for you as well. I am glad he is looking up today and more back to his usual self! :)

24th October 2009, 08:38 PM
Well as reading that I was preparing myself for a bad ending, I don't like to start my day on a sad note. So glad that DJ bounced back ok.

There was a while when I thought it was going to be a bad ending too!

As Karlin said I did get a real fright!

Thanks for the good wishes..he is much better now and looking to play with Gus, who's not really interested :)

24th October 2009, 10:33 PM
Hope your little one is feeling much better soon, it's nearly worse when they are sick then you being sick yourself!

24th October 2009, 11:02 PM
Poor little fella, I feel for you, it's hard when they can't tell you how they feel. I'm glad he's better today :) Good luck on Tuesday getting him back on normal food! I usually mix Dylan's Chappie with rice and add more Chappie and less rice as the days go on.

25th October 2009, 04:33 PM
So glad DJ is feeling better.
It is always a worry when things like this happen, and normally they always happen in the evening or at night and you end up staying up all night to see that they are ok.

Claire L
26th October 2009, 12:59 PM
Only just seeing this now. Glad DJ is feeling better. You must have got a real fright seeing him unwell like that. TG it wasn't anything worse :hug: