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28th October 2009, 10:57 PM
Reuben was given a flea/worm injection by the vet when he was about 12 weeks. At about 7 months he seemed to be scratching so I decided he needed flea treatment.

I had a capsule of Frontline left from my other dog although it was a year or so old.

I used this but he still seemed to be scratching. So I used a flea collar but the same thing happened.

Now I have put flea collars on the 2 cats and am wondering if any cat fleas have got onto Reuben and wont come off because he is wearing a dog flea collar.

I know cat fleas can live on dogs... I was just wondering if it might help if I used a cat flea collar on him for a while as well as his dog one until he is no longer scratching, then take it off?

28th October 2009, 11:47 PM
Flea collars are not very effective. If you have used a flea treatment and your dog is still scratching, I'd go see the vet. It may not be fleas -- lots of other skin, parasite and health issues could be causing scratching.

I'd use frontline or one of the vet-approved treatments for the cats as well. generally you need to treat all the household animals at the same time, and wash all bedding, vacuum carefully, treat bedding with flea spray etc. Your vet can advise.

29th October 2009, 09:19 AM
Thanks Karlin. I think what I am trying to say is this: If I Frontline the dog and cats at the same time, what about any cat fleas that have been living on the dog..... will his dog Frontline kill them off, or will they stay on him as I have not used cat frontline on him?

Hope this makes sense.

29th October 2009, 01:16 PM
Frontline worked beautifully for me on our last dog, who lived for 16 years. It does not work at all on our Sophie. Once I switched to K9Advantix, the flea problem disappeared. I was stubbornly loyal to Frontline, and wish I had tried the K9Advantix much sooner. What works on one dog may not work on the next dog.

29th October 2009, 03:57 PM
Although there are many different species of fleas, the most common ones are:
Cat Fleas Ctenocephalides felis
Dog Fleas Ctenocephalides canis

What is the difference between Dog fleas and Cat Fleas?

Although one is called a dog flea and one is called a cat flea you won't be able to tell the difference without the aid of a microscope.

The most common flea found on dogs and cats is the cat flea.
It is a misconception that dogs only have dog fleas and cats only have cat fleas.
It has been reported that 95% of fleas found on dogs and cats are cat fleas.
The above is a cut and paste from a website. Flea products kill BOTH cat and dog fleas. The difference in the products is that one is formulated for cats (who lick more and are more sensitive to pesticide products) and one is formulated for dogs. But both cat and dog flea killer products kill both cat and dog fleas! Important - never use a dog flea product on a cat - it can kill cats!

Happy hunting,


29th October 2009, 04:06 PM
U can get frontline for dogs and one for cats so you will need to gte a pack of each.

Karline what flea spray do you use on their bedding? I just wash their blankets etc and bring their bed to the laundrette. Do you recommend a spray too? Our two boys have never had fleas but its best to be careful.

29th October 2009, 04:54 PM
Have you ever SEEN a flea or evidence of fleas (black pepper-looking droppings usually around the base of the tail is a tell-tale sign)? If so, even ONE FLEA can make a dog that is allergic to flea bites scratch for 30 days or so. It's crazy. If ALL of your animals are scratching and licking, then it is probably fleas. If just one is, it's probably something else.

29th October 2009, 06:42 PM
I have seen ONE flea on Reuben but mostly when i turn him upside down quickly and look at his white haired tummy where you can see the skin... there is nothing, no fleas no dirt.

Its true what you say about different products work on different dogs.

My labarador, who I had before Reuben, had such a red patch at the base of his tail it was driving him crazy and if you turned him over suddenly you could see loads of fleas running for cover in his hair.

I used Frontline but it didnt improve. I then used a flea collar and the sore cleared up immediately and he stopped scratching and no fleas seen underneath!

I have tried a flea collar on Reuben, so its Frontline next... then if not that, I will try stronghold.

The cats dont scratch at all, and I have seen none on them, but I have flea collared them anyway.

Thanks for all your help everyone. Its Frontline and see what happens then.! icon_nwunsure

29th October 2009, 06:58 PM
Janice- there is a new product out called Sentinel that might work if all else fails. It's an oral product.

Capstar also works but sells for $5/dose here and is given daily. Too expensive.