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30th October 2009, 01:14 PM
For anybody who has 2 or more cavaliers could you please offer some advice as to walking them!
Charlie is 11 months old and very good when out and Jesse is 3 months old (today!). We took them both out together once the other day and they just ran around each other in circles wanting to play and as a result tangled the leads, then tangled me and my partner in the leads lol!
I've started taking them separately, Charlie just as usual and Jesse on a close lead encouraging her to work correctly.

Just wondering how I should go about taking them out together or if its best leaving it for a few more weeks/months until Jesse is more used to it.

Thanks for any info!

30th October 2009, 02:02 PM
My boys are 7 months apart. When we first got Truman, he was 3 months old and Miles was about 10 months old. We started off walked Truman separately from Miles so we could train him how to walk on a leash. The challenge came when we started walking them together, because Miles pulls like an ox. We had to be very strict with them. We tried a coupler but I found I have better control when I use separate leashes for them. I also make them walk "in order", with Truman on the right and Miles on the left - they got used to their "order" very quickly, and they must walk side by side until I tell them to "go on", which means they can sniff, pee, whatever. Otherwise our walks are for walking, not stopping every 5 seconds to pee on something! :rolleyes: When it's time to start walking again, they automatically get in order, it seems they know how they're supposed to walk now. Even at home when they're peering out the gate, etc, they are in their "order", it's kind of funny. Anyways, that's what we did, and it seemed to work. But I would start off working with your younger one separately until she is trained to walk nicely on a leash, then start walking them together. Unless we are very strict with them on walks it's utter chaos :) Good luck!

Cathy T
30th October 2009, 02:14 PM
When Shelby was a puppy I used two separate leads. That way I could walk one on each side and they paid attention to me rather than to each other. As she got older I was able to move them into this http://petwalkerplus.com/. I love my Petwalker!! The lead is short and the extensions are long, so Shelby can prance ahead while Jake dawdles behind. It works out great!

Brian M
30th October 2009, 02:34 PM

Tonight being the first Friday of the dark nights we have to take 4 out with each on their own extending lead so that should be fun as where we will walk is along the front by New Brighton and theres only street lights part of thr way and last winter then only having 3 it was often total chaos and I ended up completely wrapped up and tied up. And I am sure they all get their heads together prior and hatch a plan thereby they all have a laugh at my expense ,but of course I take Luke with me and he will take Poppy and Daisy and leave me with Rosie and Lily ,so my only advise is keep them on short leads and with practice they and you will be OK. :)

30th October 2009, 03:03 PM
I only take two, they both run around in circles and I often get tangled up. I try to view using two flexi leads is like flying a kite you have to have your hands free of everything except the leads and have your wits about you! Sorry it isn't much help.:rolleyes:

30th October 2009, 03:22 PM
My hubby walks our two on a double lead. We used to walk them on separate leads one each but Charlie would go mad and bark if Sam got ahead!! The double lead works well. When they get excited they do bite at each other a bit but this ends quick enough. Yes I know my dogs need more training but alas we dont have the time. They behave enough for their mama!

30th October 2009, 04:41 PM
I walk mine with two on a coupler and one on a single. The coupler works dandy. Of course when I started Max walking Mindy was already a good walker so he had an example. I also wear a handsfree belt with the double lead attached. I do try and walk them separately as well from time to time. I'm teaching Rylie to walk nicely along side but it's a bit of a struggle because he is so short yet (and I use rewards). MY back can't handle much of a walk. I walk them daily and they walk well together. We rarely get tangled. The only problem we have is when we see other dogs. Each of them are good (well maybe except for Rylie) one on one but Mindy is a bit of an instigator when the three of them are together and PRETENDS that she is excited to see the other dogs and wants to play (in truth she will turn her nose up at them if we do go and greet them) and sets the other two off. If I see the other dog first I can hold Max's attention so then I only have two nutty dogs!:biggrin:

30th October 2009, 10:52 PM
This is an interesting thread and I'm enjoying reading everyone's response. Certainly, preliminary excursions with my two (3 year old and four months old puppy) have given me an utmost respect for those of you who walk two or more dogs. It's a nightmare! :yikes with the puppy trying to play and bite Rosie's ears if I allow them to get too close so the only thing that seems to work is keeping them both to my left with the puppy on a very short lead and Rosie on the outside of her!

I'm sure it's just a period of adjustment but I find myself very nostalgic for the lovely long walks I used to have every morning with one dog.:(

30th October 2009, 11:34 PM
i think it is important to train each dog seperately to walk on the leash. whether the dog should be on the right or left side ist a matter of preference. i prefer the dog(s) to walk on my left side.

when each dog has leared to walk calmly and politely on the leash, i add one dog, so to speak.

now i walk all 4 dogs on my left side, aligned to my left leg.
they find their 'slots' eventually, so the leads are not becoming too tangled.

this works for us.

30th October 2009, 11:42 PM
I quite often walk 3 or 4 dogs but usually only have three of them on leads as Impie never leaves my heels and does not need his on. I don't walk them on roads. It is now even harder because I have to take Chaos in a stroller. That is not too bad whilst she is sitting in it but when she gets out I still have to push that as well as have her on lead (she is well-named and is the worst behaved of the lot when she is feeling OK) and any others I am walking.
I found the easiest way when I have three on flexi leads is that I have ones that have got the thicker type of canvas, not the thin cord that you can't see very well. I have them in three different colours and have to be very quick to change them from hand to hand so they don't get tangled up otherwise it is a bit like a maypole:-) You can also fix them so that one is extended and the other ones are extended to shorter lengths.
With pushing the stroller I can only manage two dogs in one hand and push with the other.
Luckily, I dont have to do this all the time as most of the time I meet up with a couple of friends and we help each other.

Margaret C
30th October 2009, 11:48 PM
My nine dogs have a walk every day, but I'm afraid I can't offer any advice. I take them in two lots, they are all off the lead, and I ride shot gun behind them on my mobility scooter.

Occasionally one of them will hitch a lift, or in Fonzi's case I will grab him onto my lap to stop him disappearing through an open gate.

I am lucky enough to live in a Housing Association where we have a private community garden behind the 28 houses.
It is a development conceived in the idealistic 1960s, and the neighbours are very tolerant of their eccentric, dog mad, neighbour.

I was very lucky to be living here when I became disabled ten years ago. It meant I was able to keep all my dogs.

Jane P
30th October 2009, 11:56 PM
My two are seven months apart in age. I have always walked them together but it was difficult at first. I could not use flexi leads when they were young as they would get tangled around each other but I can now although it takes some getting used to! Being out with an older dog can help to train the puppy as he should copy him.

30th October 2009, 11:57 PM
I have to admit walks are not that enjoyable for me any more. I have a hands-free waist belt that holds two leashes- one for Casey (who is perfect) and the other for whatever foster dog I have at the moment.

My two boys (who walk well separately but are a nightmare together) are on two separate leads that I have to control with my hands. Normally they are on front-clip harnesses but sometimes I allow them to use the extending leashes but I have to constantly keep on top of it or they become tangled in two seconds.

31st October 2009, 12:55 AM
When I first got Hazel, I walked her and Stella with two leashes. This wasn't working out to well. Then I discovered that Lupine (this is the kind of collars they have) makes couplers to match their leads/collars! I ordered them and voila! No more problem walking! Stella is a much better walker than Hazel, but Hazel is learning from Stella. The coupler helped me with the tangling of leashes and I can keep Hazel more near to me. This has been the best solution for us.

31st October 2009, 06:14 PM
I'd suggest just taking the little one on her own until she gets used to walking properly. I don't really have any advice sorry, my three just get themselves really tangled! And one is really lazy so the others kinda drag her along!

1st November 2009, 09:33 PM
Thanks for the replys, ive enjoyed them all! The couplers sound good so will look into those but for now will walk them seperately and once in a while together.

Bryan, i certainly dont envy you walking 4 of them but but envy all the cuddles you must get from them!

3rd November 2009, 05:19 PM
Penny hasn't been so good on the leash either, pulling alot.
I use the "loose leash" theory, only walk forward when she
lets slack in the leash. Then I finally got her attention with
treats, and boy does she pay attention to me now! I am
able to tie both to me, either side, and whenever the leashes
are slack, I give a treat! Charlie is good anyway, so he waits
patiently til Penny gets in the right spot. It is starting to work
though, so I am very excited!