View Full Version : KC revises exhibitors’ show entry declaration

13th November 2009, 07:07 PM
I/we also undertake to abide by the regulations of this show and not to bring to the show any dog which has contracted or been knowingly exposed to any infectious or contagious disease during the 21 days prior to the show, or which is suffering from a visible condition which adversely affects its health or welfare or to bring any dog which has been prepared for exhibition contrary to Kennel Club regulations for the ‘preparation of dogs for exhibition F(Annex B)


Is this not sad!


13th November 2009, 08:34 PM
It reminds me of the CKCSC,USA's ethics code provision:

"5. Never breed from or to any Cavalier known to me to have a disqualifying, or disabling health defect."

This long has resulted in many, many breeders refusing to test their stock for heart murmurs, because if they did, they might find out that their Cavaliers "have a disqualifying, or disabling health defect", like MVD.

CKCSC,USA tried to avoid this result by adding:

"Testing for inherited diseases and health defects is strongly recommended by CKCSC, USA.

Testing may be "strongly recommended", but that is a toothless admonition. So, the beat goes on, and on, and on...

Kate H
13th November 2009, 08:43 PM
Well, at least it means that judges should no longer be able to give prizes to dogs that are obviously lame, for example, as has been known to happen - or at least if they do, the exhibitor (and hopefully also the judge) can be reported to the KC.

We're having a discussion on another (obedience) forum about whether this will also apply to dogs entered Not For Competition - which could make life very difficult for people who take their old and arthritic dogs along to shows with them for a day out, or because they can't be left at home, or in order to get them health checked at club shows. For example, I took Oliver to the CKCS Club show this year to get his heart and eyes checked, but no longer show him as he is slightly lame from his SM (he loves the day out as well).

Kate, Oliver and Aled