View Full Version : What surprised/amused/frustrated you in your cavaliers?

15th November 2009, 08:15 PM
Hi everyone!

Our Minni has already been a month with us and thus far I totally agree to some wise words that "Throughout its life your dog will surprise you, frustrate you, amuse you and make you sad" (unfortunately, I can't remember the source).

And Minni did almost all of it. She seems to grow so fast and so do her habits. For example, today she frustrated me a lot when she peed onto door carpet of our neighbours :eek: :oops: what she didn't do before, as she always had patience to wait until we come out on the street. I was really pissed off because it seemed like we are not getting anywhere with her training. But later on she did something that amazed me A LOT. She was running around the house like mad and I had to concentrate on study, so I decided to take her on my laps to calm her down. Usually it doesn't work as she just tries to get away as fast as possible :p But this time she sat calmly, watched me, then curled up on my laps and started sleeping! :w*w:It was so touching that I immediately forgot about all those pee accidents! :l*v:

So, I suggest that we can share in this topic what surprised/amused/frustrated you in your cavaliers throughout their lives. Because I am quite sure everyone has a lot of stories to tell :D

Love my Cavaliers
15th November 2009, 09:04 PM
My daughter is 24 and has her own apartment. When she comes to visit, Oz leads her to a particular chair. As soon as she sits down, he leaps into her lap, puts his front paws around her neck and nuzzles his face against hers. She is the only one that he gives this great hug to. I don't even get that honor.

15th November 2009, 09:15 PM
My first cavalier, at about a year old kept running to a back bedroom. I blew her off and took her outside (thinking she had gotten confused). There was a wind storm that was causing the power to 'brown' -- and then it would surge( I was a bit preoccupied with the nasty weather). We went down stairs and two breakers had blown due to the surge. Dog still running to the bedroom and whining like she was possessed. Finally she started barking at me and running to the door. I thought, wth, I open the door and smoke billows out. One of the surge protectors had started on fire (irony!!)-- they melt instead of burning (great protection). So, for 20 minutes my one year old cavalier had been trying to tell me the house was on fire.
Yes, I don't ignore the barking dog anymore.

Karen and Ruby
15th November 2009, 09:27 PM
Charlie really suprises me, most of which being the first time I took him to meet the family.
Having spent 9 months of his life cooped up with no socialising or much food he had never so much as seen or heard a child before.
Well to cut a long story short he was AMAZING!! Was soooo well behaved and took to the kids like a duck to water- even giving his ball to my 2 yr old nephew to throw to him...although as Callum loves Ruby so much he kept throwing it to her instead. Not that she was the least bit interested!!

He frustrates me out on walks as he doesnt walk nicely on the lead but that is down to me having too high expectations of him as Ruby is soooo very well behaved.

What surprises me is the enormous BURP he lets out after every single meal..TYPICAL BLOKE!!

What saddens me is the fact that he has Heart Disease at such a young age. My poor little angel xx

15th November 2009, 09:49 PM
Great topic!

What surprises me about my Cavvy is how "tough" she is. She is the most tender hearted, sweet, loving little girl, but when it comes to playing with our chocolate lab, she really holds her own! It has surprised me, I guess I thought she would be too tender to play rough and tough, but she really gives it a go. We crack up at it, they are playing and it has never crossed an angry line.

What amuses me is when she carries this huge bone in her mouth. We have so many small bones and balls and toys for Roxy, but wouldn't you know it, the one she has attached herself to is this HUGE one we bought for our lab. It's hilarious and completely amuses us to see her carry this bone that is so heavy, her head leans to one side when she trots with it!!

What frustrates me....hmmmm, this one's harder. She's such a great little girl I don't get frustrated too much. Ummm, I think about the only thing is her "schedule." She will insist on going out to the yard at 6:00 in the morning to do her business, even if we let her out late the previous night. It's all a habit, even if she could hold it in, she is on her schedule and insists on going out. But really, that's it....she's a great girl and I have no complaints!


17th November 2009, 03:21 AM
I agree too, great topic! Mrs. Beasley 5 months now, has a new suprise every day. (It's so much fun watching the grow isn't it) I am mostly suprised by how much the Spaniel comes out in her. She can also go from wildly active to a "lover" in an instant. I'm pretty suprised how she she is starting to really listen AND pay attention to my command. I'm always amazed.

17th November 2009, 03:39 AM
Great topic!

What's surprised me about Holly is the person she's chosen as her favorite in our home -- the three year old! I was so concerned (and still am) with supervising my kids around Holly. I had to take my children (then age 2 and 6) on an 8 hour round trip just so Holly's breeder could evaluate them and make sure I was a sufficient "supervisor" and my kids knew to respect Holly and her space. From day one, Holly chose my youngest daughter as her best friend and the feeling is quite mutual.

What amuses me about Holly is her true velcro nature. I didn't quite realize how true this description is with this breed. At times I feel bad for Holly because I know she'd probably like us to stay in one room for a longer period. She follows us everywhere, even if it is with a groan while waking herself up from a nap!

What makes me sad / frustrates me is that I can't guarantee she'll be with us for the rest of our lives. I really wish a cavalier's life expectancy was at least 80 years. Like all cavalier owners, I worry with future health issues. Even though her breeder tested thoroughly (MRI's, heart, eyes, knees, hips), you just never know. I respect and admire those of you treating your precious cavaliers for diseases like MVD and SM. I guess you handle it if it happens, but I can't stand the thought of Holly in pain.