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16th November 2009, 08:27 PM
It shows a severe scoliosis in the thoraco-lumbar area. Some of the vertebrae appear to be fused (joined together). The vet feels it is definately congenital. She has referred us to an orthopedic specialist.

I am not surprised, I can tell by looking at her that her back is "crooked". I am sad.

The vet said Ruby Mae is clearly not in pain now but who knows what the future will hold for her in terms of pain.

I don't what I am going to say to the breeder. I am just trying to digest all this.

Thanks for all your replies on my post yesterday. What a great group of caring people are here. Several of you said things that were very helpful. Thank you.

Jo with Ruby Mae

16th November 2009, 08:50 PM
I'm sorry----it is so painful to find out something is wrong with our pets. At least you know what it is now and can make an informed decision about what you are going to do.

I don't know which way you are leaning, but wanted to throw in one more option...this would apply only if you had decided not to keep her...

If you have any feeling that the breeder would have her PTS, another option for you would be to get a refund, and then hand her over to a rescue group. One of the national clubs would be able to provide the surgery she would need and make sure she received a really good home. If you decided to go that route, it would be customary to give a donation to the rescue group to go toward her surgery.

16th November 2009, 10:21 PM
I am so sorry to read of all the problems you are having with Ruby Mae. I am not sure what I would to in your situation. I don't think I would return her to the breeder if there was a chance she would put her to sleep.

I think I would hear what the specialist has to say and see if she felt Ruby Mae could have a good quality of life and then take it from there.

So sorry you are going through this :hug:

17th November 2009, 08:09 AM
This is so hard - I really feel for you.

I think I would wait to hear what the specialist has to say - so that you konw what quality of life Ruby Mae can expect, and whether you can deal with the issues that may arise. At least it sounds like your breeder is being supportive.

17th November 2009, 12:28 PM
I am sorry you have to face such difficult decisions.

In your position I would either make a commitment to this puppy for whatever time she has, accepting the uncertainty, or return the puppy for a refund. I would NOT want any siblings or dogs of related lines. I would give the breeder a full copy of the specialist's report.

Under your state laws you have the right to return a puppy for refund or replacement within two weeks of such a diagnosis so be sure to get the needed paperwork as you consider what to do. be aware that after two weeks, she has no obligation to do anything for you, legally.

I don't know that I think it is right to hand over such a dog to rescue, which only passes the burden of decision on to groups that generally do not have the money to support an ill dog and such a dog might never be homed, thus ending up with the rescue people (fine if they accept that responsibility). Also I do not think a breeder is ever going to agree to refund money for a puppy then allow it to go to a rescue group, though you could talk to her to see. But I think it unethical to pass the dog to rescue without a full diagnosis and prognosis. If the problem is likely to cause severe problems and suffering then a rescue should not have to bear the diagnosis costs and then have to make the hard decisions -- difficult as those are to make, she is yours and you will want to think through what is best for her, for you and your child, and what commitments you can make.

17th November 2009, 12:52 PM
I think you need to compile a list of questions for your orthopedic specialist.Write them down so you don't forget.
I hope I don't come across as harsh when I say this to you...
The fact that the x rays show severe scoliosis worries me.Your pup has just begun a massive growth phase and the curvature may increase rapidly with growth,leading to a very major physical deformity.If you keep the pup you need to prepare yourself for this.As the spine curves it may compress major organs like heart,lungs,oesophagus and severely impact on quality of life.If the curve is sharply angled it may compress nerves exiting the spinal column.If this is very severe you may be looking at a very short lifespan.
Alternatively it may be a stable spine depending on the shape of the vertebrae.Again a question for the experts but they may not be able to give you and definite guarantees about the potential for deterioration.
Please disuss the possibility of this with your specialist.You need to consider all the facts before taking on this pup for the rest of it's life.
Also check out health problems with pugs.Congenital scoliosis is not as rare in the pug and there is plenty of documented case histories of managing canine scoliosis in the pug.It may be of some help to you.
How soon do you think you can get that appointment?

17th November 2009, 08:06 PM
I don't know that I think it is right to hand over such a dog to rescue, which only passes the burden of decision on to groups that generally do not have the money to support an ill dog and such a dog might never be homed, thus ending up with the rescue people

This happens all the time, though, and one of the reasons dogs are relinquished to rescue. If a surgery is required, and the owner cannot afford the surgery, the rescue group will have it done. In most cases here in the US, rescues have a network of vets who work with them on costs and/or donate some or all costs involved.

What I am saying is: IF you decide not to keep her, BUT you have a clear suspicion your breeder will have her PTS, AND your specialist thinks surgery would be a good solution, then rescue is an OPTION.

18th November 2009, 12:43 AM
We have an appointment with an orthopedic specialist next week.

I strongly doubt Ruby Mae will be going anywhere other than home with us. We love her and are committed to her.

I will keep everyone posted.


RubyMae 12 weeks

18th November 2009, 03:26 PM
Jo- That's so good to hear. I was hoping you would keep her.

heather r
18th November 2009, 08:50 PM
Wishing you the best with Ruby Mae. Let us know what happens with orthopedist.

When our golden was 2 per breeder's requirement we took her to Mass. orthopedists for check of her hips.

Heather R